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Timonium Show, August 8th-9th

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Who will be there? I would love to meet some of you. Right now, I plan to attend as a spectator only. I would love for my Calvin to compete in the housecat division, but he is so high strung, I fear he would not enjoy it. He is a domestic long hair and looks very similar to a maine coon, but has no pedigree. I think Dorabella would love the experience, and as soon as I fish out her shot records, I might enter her. She loves attention and would enjoy the experience.
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If I was still living in Maryland, I'd be entering my cats. But the show is nice and you will have a good time.

As far as your kitties - you never know till you try - but I'd put both in and see what happens.
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I would try both cats also.
I will be at the Roseville,Ca, August 8th.
All the East Coast shows are to far for me.
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I wont be there but I did want to wish you good luck if you decide to go!
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So, I went to my second cat show yesterday and I was highly impressed. I can't wait for the show in VA. I decided not to show my Calvin, but picked up a lot of info regarding HHP competitions and may start showing my kitten in the future.

I was so awestruck with the gorgeous breeds, from the maine coons to the british shorthairs to the persians. The persians were magnificent. I have a new found respect for the beauty and dedication, and that comes with education. Although, I have been subscribing to CAT FANCY for a while, the only 'purebred' cats I have seen were compliments of pennysaver and craigslist, byb heaven. I didn't realize what 'true' breeds could represent. Ofcourse, we are talking about flesh and blood here, and I have moggies, so I am not downplaying the importance of animals; however, it is very nice to see what a true representation of certain breeds look like and why you most definitely get what you pay for. I have seen a $200.00 byb persian, and it does a disservice to the breed seeing for myself what a true standard representation looks like.

ON the other hand, while I do absolutely love the british shorthair's teddy bear looks, I am torn about purchasing versus rescuing. With 4 cats, and two spays coming up soon, I will have plenty of time to ponder. I do believe with a bigger home, and more space, that britsh shorthair fantasy, just might become reality. They are just adorable. Initially, I couldn't decide between bs and exotics, but I love the blue britsh shorthairs with those mesmerizing eyes and teddy bear frame, LOL!!

BTW, I absolutely LOVE your babies, Wellington Cats.
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Most of us that own and show purebreds, have or have had in the past, rescue mixed breeds. So I don't feel the least bit guilty when I choose a purebred cat to show. They are all pets at home. We currently own one mixed breed (who hates showing), one retired Grand Ch Ocicat, and one currently showing Ocicat.

So in the future if you want a purebred cat, don't feel you are obligated to not choose one cause of rescue cats.
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Do not feel guilty for getting a purebred.
Cleo my sphynx is my first purebred cat.
I am also getting another sphynx.
I used to save feral cats before and I took cats no on wanted.
I know a good BSH breederif you decide on one.
Carolina is getting a kitten from her.
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thanks, ladies. Right now, I am blessed DH recently allowed 2 more babies in our lives, as permanent residences. In the future, perhaps in a year or two, with more space, and after assessing how well I am able to do with four and if we can add more to our family comfortably [without health {cat or human} or financial stress], the british shorthair will very well be our next family member.

I do absolutely love the shows. I really enjoyed myself, and will go to more. My feline family is quite large and I never in a million years wanted more than 4, even if I were single. I seriously thought about a BS as a third son or daughter, but a rescuer needed permanent homes for offspring of a feral mom, and when the adult BS I longed for fell through, star and brownie were right there. We are probably set for life. LOL!!! And my calvin is so temperamental, he is finally secure, and I am able to have my large family, too. But in a couple years, I would never say never. Hubby is too mesmerized by the Blue BS' yellow eyes.
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Keep going to shows and talk to the BSH breeders there.
It is fun showing.
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How strange I didn't see your post! My sister and I were exhibiting Egyptian Maus at the Timonium show. Selene and her 5 kittens were present Two Maus granded and Selene started working towards becoming a Grand Champion. It was a very good show for the breed

Sohni's little girl was competing as well, and what a charmer she is! It's not enough that she's beautiful, but she's got a terrific presence on the judging table. Tsekani and Skylark worked some beautiful magic. . .

Even more beautiful cats will be at National Capital (Chantilly, VA) which is a show I look forward to each year. We will be there as well as Freestate later in the month. We're actually hitting the show trail a little harder than that, but I doubt I'll see you at shows so far away!
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If you saw a super tall man and lady toting around a 1980s catmopolitan book, I just bought from lucky cat rescue, that was us, LOL!!!
I must admit, we were all about the maine coons, exotics, persians, and rescue kittys that day. Heading out, I did notice a table for Egyptian Maus, towards the entrance, though. They are very pretty cats. LOL!! That would've been so wild if we passed right by one another . I noticed the cats at that particular table, not the people. I am not too knowedgeable on the Egyptial Mau, so I quickly peered into the cage from a distance noticing the pretty patterns before heading out of the show.

I am sooo looking forward to the VA show. I think DH will like that show better. He mistakes the pride each breeder has for the breeds as 'putting on airs', and even though I told him our Calvin is not a MAINE COON
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Not sure if we crossed paths or not I'm 6 feet tall, so very few people are super tall to me

I was benched in row XX, right across from ring 8--the whole row was filled with Maus. I think the guys you saw were some of the only Maus not in row XX, probably a good thing, otherwise you would have missed the breed completely

Some judges are known for their audience interaction, others are known for handling skills that make them a sort of "cat whisperer." I think every judge has their own style when it comes to evaluating cats and interacting with the spectators.

National Capital
is indeed very educational, with the Parade of Breeds being the best event for learning about the different breeds. Teresa Keiger will be presenting the breed showcase both days. My "LuLu" will be there to represent the Turkish Vans. He's also a nice fluffy kitty
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Wow Just when i thought I couldn't Love cats more i discover Cat shows-bringing The photos in my cat fancy Magazine To life. I would love to see a live Turkish Van :-) Maybe i will check out freestate, But i Can't Wait Until VA's Show :^)
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Sounds like you had a really good time I heard all about this show and wished I could have gone except it is not remotely close to me! I too go back and forth on purebred or rescue for a second cat. I think I could be just as happy with a "look-alike"; it kind of depends on how the HHP showing goes with my current kitten, as to whether I decide I want to do bigger things (premier) or not. Plus it'll give me a chance to check out my top 3 breeds! I did overcome a hurdle with the hubby....he is open to the idea of another kitty!!!! So the rest is really up to me Have fun at the show in VA. When is it?
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September 12 and 13, :-)
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