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Going on holiday

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my cat (baby) has recently lost his brother in a road accident, in 8 weeks im due to go on holiday for 2 weeks, my mother has agreed to have him but she lives 7 miles away and has a excitable dog and lives near a main road so if shes did look after baby she would have to keep him in and away from the dog and in the house, would it be a problem to keep him in after he has been going out (hes nearly 1 year old) and go back to using a litter tray.

my other option is to ask my mate to come round and feed him and leave the window open for him to come in and out as he pleases, my freind lives with his parents so he would probably be ok to come round and stay in the house for a couple of hours to play with the cat aswel but the worry there is leaving the cat to come and go as he pleases

the last option is to put him in a cat kennals but i worry about him being lonely there and not having anyone to play with (last time at kennels he had his brother to stay with)

ive got a bit of a dilemma if any one can help please comment, if any other suggestions are avaliable please say,
my main concern is that he lost his brother and he might think me and my girlfreind are gone aswell
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IMO the best thing is to keep him inside at all times, and have your friend come everyday to feed, check on him, and clean his litter box.
Good Luck!
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If you can totally trust your mate with having this responsiblity I would let him handle it. But keep the cat indoors while you are away so he won't run off while you are gone leaving your friend to deal with the job of finding him.

Kennels are a good second choice as far as safety is concerned. At least you know he will be looked after and safe. I would do some research about the different places in your area so you get the best one.

I wouldn't leave him with your mom. I think between the dog and the road he would be one unhappy cat.
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