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This week at the shelter

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Its been a bust week, thats for sure.
As you all know - it is Kitten season, and the shelters around the country are PACKED with kittens, all sizes and shapes. And there are not enough adoptions, which is really sad.

Currently we have over 40 kittens at the adoption center. Two new ones were brought in today, by two soldier-girls, that were really worried when they heard the crying of kittens outside their house - and they found these two preciouse tabbys, under their car. They looked for the mom or owner, but no one seemd to know anything. So they went from shelter to shelter, and got kicked out of all of them. And of course, when they came to us, we just couldn't say no... We realize that if we say "no" - these kittens might end up dead. So, we do our best to accomodate as many as we can, but we have reached our limits - no more space, and no more money...

So, on the brighter side, we had two adoptions today, bith very exciting. One, was a couple of men that live together and lost their cat of the last 13 years, adopted our very own Duby!!! Duby is a long hair angel, that was declawed by his owners, right before they passed away. He was brought to the shelter by the family after the Grandmother (the owner) passed away. Duby has the body language of a Ragdoll - so softy and cuddly, and you can hold him like a baby in your arms. For TWO months, we could not re-home him, and we watched him sink in depression, which was very very sad for us all (Im almost crying just thinking about it). And today, these great folks decided to give him a home!!
The other adoption was a surprising one: it was a kitten, that was brought in by on of our wonderful volunteers, after she found him in the hallway of an apartment building, beggin to get into one of the apartments. She knocked on the door, and theguy inside told her he took the litten about a week ago from a shelter, and "is no longer interested" in him!!!! how very upseting!!
When she brought him in, we found out he needs abdominal surgery... So he wasn't liklely to get adopted. BUT THEN, this lady who lives with her young son, just fell inlove with him, and wanted him right after he recovers from surgery!!! Gosh, were we happy...

Thats it for now! want to find out more about us or donate to our efforts? Please log on to The Cat Welfare Society Of Israel.

If you wish to meet us on our July trip to the States, please PM me.

Thanks for listening!
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What a sad and a happy week it was for you. I sure hope Duby falls in love with her two gentlemen rescuers!
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I'll send new home vibes from California.
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thanks! we sure do need it!
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Every good adoption from shelter is a joyous thing. Congratulations on your two latest placements.

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Here is Duby:

(sorry for the bad quality)
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How darling he looks. I'm glad you were able to find him a home. The animals turned in by family members after the owner has either passed away or gone into a nursing home are some of the biggest heartbreaks. Often the owner was greatly attached and the family had promised to be sure their beloved pet was cared for, only to immediately drop it at the shelter when the time comes. I'm very happy for Duby, I know you must be too.

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Oh, George, you have no idea! We were al watching Duby getting sadder and sadder, and his health and furr were immediatly influenced, and as you said - it really brok our hearts. I used to sit with him for 30-40 minutes (thats all I cuold do when the shelter was busy), and he would look at me with those sad eyes...

Im really really hope this is indeed a good home for him, he deserves it!

thanks for the support...
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He is one you will always remember. The time you spent with him has helped keep him strong and going until he found this new home. There will be those you can't save, and it will break your heart. There will be times people criticize what you do and the time and effort you put into it. They will say why do you bother, or why don't you help people instead, or condemn you because of the animals that are euthanized because of other people's irresponsibility. There will be many heartbreaks, but then you see one like Duby go to a new home. Without you he would have had no chance at all, it was all worth it. The world is changed for the better by those that have the courage to open their hearts. What you do matters.

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