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The Daily Thread Monday August 3, 2009

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Hello All!!

We had a small bit of rain overnight (1/4 inch) but I'll take it.

Still recovering from the weekend away. We stayed at my neices home with their almost 4 yr old twin boys and almost 3 yr old daughter. Those kids will keep you on your toes.

Went to the Kane County Flea Market Sunday morning and came home with lots of cool stuff.

A french horn (I'm thinking made in the 40's?) for garden art!, A silverplated pitcher, wine glass and two small vases! An Christmas apron, a table cloth, a knockoff LV purse and knockoff channel and coach keychains! A pink rhinestone cat pin too.

Then a tiny little bench for flower pots and a cool one for out bedroom.

Lastly a pit stop at Smith and Hawkens as they are going out of business(really bummed about that!).

The cats were eager to see us and had to check out the new purchases.

So today its off to work in 90 minutes, invoice some customers and perhaps get some of those plants in the ground!!

Dinner ideas are still swirling in the brain.
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Good morning

Tis a holiday here, but not a stat.... so some people have to work, and some don't depending on their bosses.

The people at my physio clinic are working, therfore, I have physio today.

My hubby is home, which is awesome.

That's bout it here.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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I've got the holiday here too and no one in myfamily is working so I have everyone coming over for BBQ late lunch/early dinner this afternoon. With any luck my dad and DH are hoping to get the downspouts done on the house and my mom wants to see the flwer beds I've been building.

So hpoing for a nice relaxing end to the to go finish tidying before everyone comes.

Have a great day everyone!
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We're having the family of one woman who used to work with my sister come visit this afternoon. They're from China. I don't mind the son and the husband but I am so NOT looking forward to seeing (and hearing) the CHINESE GIGGLER.
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Morning All!!!

Looks like rain here. We are suppose to have thunderstorms this afternoon which could start at anytime.

Not up to much today. Spent some time this morning cleaning raccoon poop off my deck. Not sure why but one of the raccoons we have hanging around has decided my deck makes a good restroom
Just part of the joys of living up north.

Have to go pick up some dry cat food and kitty treats later so may stop by Walmart when I am out to see if they have any good sales going on.

The kitties are good this morning watching for the garbage truck right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning... Happy Monday. Well, Monday, anyway. I went to bed at 9:30 last night and STILL did not want to get up for work this morning! My body is out of whack and I'm getting so mad and angry and sad and I just don't want to do anything. But here I am at work.

BF actually suggested we visit the SPCA while running errands on Saturday and there were too many cute kitties there!! I wanted them all, especially a scraggly 3 year old female who just looked like a hobo old man cat, of there were such a thing. Poor girl was so scrawny and randomly splotchy (muted tortie?) but it made her so cute, and I picked her up and she just HUGGED me and rubbed her face all over me and I fell in love. BF loved the purr-machine 2 month old kitten I held.. Also cuteness overload, but I think I'm afraid of kittens after that dream I had last week...

Anyway, I hope the East Coasters don't get rained on too much today (since it seems to have rained most days this summer..) and have a good day everyone!
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The 54 Buick Century is getting picked up today finally to be shipped off to MI.

the BF is very stressed out and worried about his "baby" being hurt along the ride.

There will be more packing today for sure after I get done waking up a bit more. I know...its 12:30 and I'm totally lazy.

Cody's mom will be stopping by later after work to pick up the skillet she let us borrow last night.

And last but not least, I definately want Sushi for dinner, and maybe to take the cat to the park before it gets dark.

So that no one laughs at me with a cat on a leash. And so people obey the laws and have their dogs on a leash too. I always get so nervous, even if I don't have the cat, when I see people with their dogs off the leash in the park. Can people just not read the giant signs all over that say all dogs must be on a leash??
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