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Jack's Results

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Well we did have competition (maybe on purpose, but doesn't matter). Jack had to compete against another cinnamon male (year older) and at least he didn't let that grand take it all!

Jack got one final (9th AB) but took 3 out of 8 as Best of Breed. It was very tough competition - split about even in LH/SH with 35 alters. The one judge would have used him (she LOVES his type and gave him BOB) but the class was too large and she had to cross him off this time. At a smaller show, she would have easily put him up. So I count it as honorable mention.

Jack's only 10 months old so he still has a lot more time to develop
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At least he made 1 final.
I hope he does better next time.
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Well done 3/8 is very good for BoB.
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I think your boy did well considering the amount of competition he had. I am happy he did well

My Molly won Best of Breed twice and Maddie came 2nd best of breed 5 times. Maddie finaled, but Molly didn't as the judge made a mistake and gave the final to the other sphynx owner. I had the ribbon and everything in my hands!!! She did say she'd give Molly honourable mention after she admitted to her mistake.
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Opps - that was embarrasing! I sure hope that the judge's books were correct!
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Wow that is embarrasing!!!!
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The judge placed Molly as 2nd best of breed, the other cat as first. She finalled Molly accidentally without finalling the other cat as well. So, the owner went to the master clerk (i think) and questioned it, so they went and asked the judge.

In all fairness, the final didn't belong to Molly but the judge did say she got the numbers confused when marking for finals I guess.

Whatever the case, we'll try again next time
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Well done to Jack - that's a good size class for this time of year in NZ.

ETA: Ooops saw that 35 was both LH/SH - there would probably be 50 LH/SH alters at a smaller sized show in NZ.
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Well its a big class in ACFA shows.
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