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Update on Zachary

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This is so unbelievable I am still in shock. After only 2 days back at the new office, Zachary escaped from the front door, a plumber was leaving and he shot out past him. He ran into the street, my son in law ran out into the street after him and actually stopped traffic, a car slowed down but not before Zach met up with it. He rolled under the car, ran behind the building, back up to the railroad tracks and then out of sight. We had a search party out for him all day long, I was sure I would never see him again. I just didn't want him suffering somewhere all alone. This morning I found him again at the old office. He doesn't appear injured, is eating well and drinking, very affectionate and needless to say is NOT returning to the new office. He is safe in a bedroom here at my house and although I am not sure what will happen when he meets the others, he will be staying here with me. I am not taking any more chances with him. It is miracle that he made it back to the old office again especially after colliding with a car. I don't know what he didn't like about the office but he clearly did not want to be there. Hopefully, he will want to stay here and things will work out with the other cats. He has had some trauma in the last few weeks, right now he is just going to get alot of love and attention.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make him happy here?
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OMG - that cat must be down to about 6 lives by now!!! I am so glad to hear that you are going to keep him at home. My suggestion - after you make certain he's not seriously injured - is love, love, love him!
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Obviously, get him to the vet for a once over. After that, just show him how great it is to have a safe home; lots of toys, lots of love, good food, plenty of exercise. Good for you for rescuing him! It sounds like he certainly needed it.
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Aww Zachary! Poor little guy. I wonder why he is so attached to the other place?

I hope it all works out well for him at your home. He sounds like he needs the stability.
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I agree about the vet trip & I am happy you decided to keep him at your house. He obviously did not like the new office. Who knows why, but he did not want to be there. After all the trauma perhaps a comfort zone deffuser would be helpful. Something to make him comfortable & relax him. Also, think about the old office & was there a place in the sun or something that he was particularly found of spending time. Try to recreate his favorite place to lay. What about something that might smell like the old office? Something to smell like what he considers home.
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Oh, my - what a scare for you!! Zachary sure has some great guardian angels looking out after him (our own HopeHacker, perhaps? ). Sounds like your office needs to find another cat (maybe a calico from the local shelter - "mi-ke" cats are good for business ). For starters on Zachary, you could put a bit of butter on his paws & when he licks it off, he'll have the scent of his new home embedded in his memory. You might get him a large cardboard box & make holes and add fun toys; when you are making the intros to your current crew, present the box & they will associate Zachary with fun & toys. Sending "happy homing" prayers and vibes out to you all
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I have never heard of putting butter on their paws, what a great idea! Thanks! Zach is still in a bedroom, getting used to the sounds and smells of a home, and then I will start the introductions. He sleeps with my daughter and has been very cuddlely and loving. Hopefully things will work out for him here. I don't know what he didn't like about the new office, he just did not want to be there. I still can't believe he made it back to the old place, twice, and after meeting up with a car! He deserves a great life now!!

As for a new office kitty, you read my mind. I think a senior kitty that has been in the shelter for a while would find it a good place to be.
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Oh WOW did my heart drop like a rock when I started reading this thread!

I'd invest is some Feliway, some Bach's Rescue Remedy - and just take the introductions really slowly. Keep him confined, and let him make the room he's in "his" space. You can probably find both cheaper, but they are available here: For the Rescue Remedy - after you get your "Zach" scented rags (see below), dab it at the base of his neck, the base of his tail, behind his ears and under his chin. Make the dab under his chin a good one - that wafts up into his nose. Each day when you clean his water dish, put a few drops in it. Not all cats respond to it, but it really works for those that do. It's worth a try to help him settle.

If you don't have much vertical space, create some more to prepare for having more kitties in the same space.

I'd wipe him down with a clean cloth - actually - one for each food dish you have in the house (that isn't his). This will help your kitties get used to his scent and associate it with something they love.

And wipe each of your kitties all over with a clean cloth, and bring them in one day at a time - have a play session with Zach, and at the end, put treats down for him on a kitty scented cloth. This'll help get him associating your cats with good stuff.

Bless you for adopting him!

We've got 7 living in an RV, so with time, you'll make this work!
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Thanks for the great advice. I actually already have some rescue remedy, I had forgotten about it. How long do you think I should wait before introductions begin? He seems very happy and mellow here, not jumpy or anxious to get out.
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I'll bet there was some smell or noise at your new office that he didn't like. Cats have pretty decent olfactory skills, but their hearing is just unbelievable. Something creating a high-pitched noise (above 50,000 cps) will drive them crazy.
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Are your existing cats showing any reaction? They must know a new kitty is around. They sniffing at the door or anything?

What you can try is cracking the door an inch - so he can't get out and they can't get in. Make sure you're there holding it - and see how everyone reacts. If there's much hissing and growling, I'd work on the "scent swapping" stuff for a few days, and give it a go again. But you can also slip everyone a few treats so everyone's munching treats with the door cracked open - this may help them "like" the new kitty better.
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The new office sat between train tracks, four sets of them and a busy road, very different from the old office. There is also a junk yard behind the train tracks that works 24/7. Perhaps those sounds bothered him. I did find out, however, that there is a colony of feral cats that live in the junkyard and are very well cared for by the two secretaries that work there.

Yes, Zachary's presence is known by the other cats, but only one is at the door, usually when I am in the room with him. I think I will wait and take it very slowly.
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I bet he could smell the feral cats (especially if there are un-neutered males). He may have felt like he was on thier teritory & did not want to be.
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I don't know what he didn't like but he has been in a bedroom for 1 full week and has made no attempt to even leave the room. So now he lives here with us and hopefully he and the others will get along. I am going to take it very slow as I have been through bringing in a cat that did not get along well with others. I still have him but have to keep him separated from the others. I am hoping he and Zach will get along.
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So how's it going with your far-traveling escape artist and any of the other kitties?
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Thanks for asking!! Zachary is loving his house living days! He met one of the other cats last night, they just looked at one another, not even a hiss. He is quite content to still be in the bedroom, he is cuddled up next to my daughter all night long. Tomorrow evening I am going to let him come out and explore the rest of the house. I am just so grateful to have him back-safe and sound.
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All I have to say is... AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! You sound so relieved and happy - and sounds like he is too! He sure is one lucky kitty.
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Well, I have started introductions. Zach is starting to meet the 2 other males, Toby and Gabe. He and Gabe just stare at one another, Zach's fur rises a little, no growling, just a little hissing from Gabe. He and Toby have seen each other only separated by a baby gate. Not sure how that will go. Toby was also a rescue brought in last year. He is so lovey and everyone loves him, except my other cats. I tried everything to get him to mix in with my cats, but 2 of the 4 seemed to live in fear of him. So now he is separated from that group and he and Gabe, a rescued foster, have no problems at all. That is who I am hoping to get Zach accustomed to.

I think it is going to take alot of time, and I think deep down that was why I thought it best for Zach to go to the new office. But it is obvious he cannot and I would never turn him back outside again. And a shelter is out of the question for him too. He would not do well in a shelter environment.

Hopefully, this will work out for him, he deserves a good life, he has been through alot lately.
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it all works out. I'm sure it will - you're doing it right and have the right attitude about it!
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Just checking in to see how things are going. Any further progress or news on the intro front? (Though it sounds like Zach would be fine living in his room snuggled up with your daughter at night!)
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Hi Laurie,

Thanks for asking. I am going very slow with introductions. The 2 other boys don't really want to mingle with Zach, but he is curious about them. I never leave them alone, and when I am at work Zach is in his room, he loves just looking out the window. He and my dog are getting along too, she is great with cats and very gentle. Zach is getting closer to her every day. I would love for them all to get along, but I think taking it slow is best for now. He has no desire to go outdoors for which I am grateful but with living outdoors for so long I am very careful when he is around the other cats. I think at times he wants to chase one of them but I sort of just sit between them and start playing with them at the same time.

I have to make it work, there is no other place for him but here. He is so sweet and loving now, he would just let you sit and pet him all day long.

I will keep you updated with any more progress. Thanks again.
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Thanks for the update. I knew you wanted to take it slow.... it sounds like you're doing things just right. I'm SO glad - and relieved - to hear he sounds SO happy and SO content. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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