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Neighbor's dogs won't stop barking

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These dogs are driving us bonkers. There are at least three...one a very large dog, one a small yippy dog, and another is a mid sized dog.

They let the dogs out at about 6:00 a.m. every day and they stay outside for hours at a time and bark then entire time they are outside.

I like dogs, and almost everyone in the neighborhood has dogs, but none bark like this.

This family is the same one I posted about a year ago, in which their puppy got hit by a car in the evening. I heard it happen and heard the puppy running away toward my house crying. I got a flashlight and went out hunting for the puppy along with several other neighbors while the dog's person sat on her deck smoking a cigarette!!!! Her son was crying and she kept telling him to stop it because it was his fault the dog got hit!!!

Anyway, once we found the puppy, she wasn't interested in taking him to the vet, so I cleaned him up and looked him over while she sat smoking. -- I can't figure out why they have adopted more dogs since it is clear she doesn't give a darn about them.

Okay...so, I printed out information from the Humane Society of the United States web page on how to keep your dogs from barking excessively. I'm thinking about mailing it to them anonymously. Am I being a wimp? What should I do???
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Forget mailing stuff from the humane society to her, I would call them and report her. If the dogs are outside all the time, they should have a shelter and access to food and water, if not, that is neglect and she will be fined. (See what you learn from watching Animal Precinct?!)
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Make sure you stay anonymous! Your neighbor can make trouble for you and your cats should she find out- but I would call as well- she sounds like she shouldn't even own dogs- much less raise children!
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Yes, I don't want her to know it is me because I am afraid they might cause problems for me and the little colony of ferals who live in my yard. That is why I'm afraid to report her...I am pretty sure the police or animal control would have to include my name in their report.

Sigh...after reading the HSUS advice on barking, I see that the key is to give lots of attention to your dogs and to provide healthy outlets for their energy. With this lady, I don't know that she will be willing (or able) to do this.

Oh...these people also have a lovely calico cat who stays in my yard. I feed her every day and make sure she is healthy. She is a charming lady who gets along quite well with my feral boys.
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Hmm, I think there was a Seinfeld episode that dealt with this....
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How sad that the child was told it was his fault the puppy got hit by a car!
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Well sounds like you're in a bind here. You know, at the shelter we always recommend people to try and resolve their problems with neighbours peacefuly, otherwise - its usually the cats that pay the price. We had this horrific story about a lady that reported her neighbours because they threatened to hurt her cats. After they found out, they hit her cats with a metal bat, and killed three of them, and then they threatened her kids too. So - I always remember that tragic story when I hear "neighbour stories".
I didn't mean to scare you to death, Im just saying - Dont take any chances, try to resolve this anonymously or even try and approach them in a friendly manner, like you're offering "help" with the dogs.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Sounds like you've got a real paragon of class for a neighbor. Was the puppy ok?
Oops...sorry. I missed your question.

I think the puppy was okay. His tummy and one foot was skinned up and bleeding. I think the stomach was "just" road rash, but since it was dark I couldn't get a real good look at where the blood was coming from on his foot. I don't think they would have even cleaned up the wounds had I not insisted on doing it.

And...I agree...she is a real classy lady!
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Here, a constantly barking dog is considered a nuisance and the owners can be fined or, the dog impounded. Can you make an anonymous call, from a pay phone? It sounds as if the diplomatic approach won't work with this broad.
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My family has had to call the police on several occasions on my next door neighbors dog. They chain him up all day, but once it gets dark they let him roam the streets. I can't count how many times he almost has been hit! Plus, he barks all night long and most of the day. The owners could care less about him.

Anyway, when we've called we just ask if we could stay anonymous. They have never said we HAD to give them our names. They prefer to have our names so they can refer back to us if they need to, but to my knowledge it isn't mandatory.

Good luck! This lady sounds like she needs to have her animals removed from her house...maybe even her kids!
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Barking dogs are one of my biggest pet peeves.
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