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Litter Box Habits Question

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How many times in a 24 hour period should a healthy cat visit the litter box? How many pees and poops on average in a 24hr period? I'm sure there isn't one magic number but I'm still wondering if there is an acceptable range.
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It varies depending on what you feed your cat, the age of your cat, and how much water and food your cat consumes....

My cat eats 100% raw, 6-8 oz a day, and poops once every other day. (Very little solid waste with no odor -- this is normal for raw fed cats.)

He urinates anywhere between 2-3 times a day.

This is his "normal".

It's important to know what is normal for your cat, as the litterbox is one way of checking your pet's health -- if urination/stool increases or decreases, or changes in consistancy or amount, you'll be able to tell the vet.
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It does vary cat to cat and by food feed...

BUT a cat should pee and poop DAILY if not you are risking bacterial issues and other diseases just like in a human.. In all my yrs of cats NONE have not pooped one to two times a day .. lol.. the best one I heard was a naturepath who said you eat three meals a day and poop every other day you have five meals still in your colon
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I've had the same question myself, and notice for my two that it varies - my girl seems to have a smaller bladder and will pee 3-4 times a day; my boy is usually 2 times a day, but sometimes the weather seems to make a difference! I normally see one poop per cat per day. My vet has told me that if a cat goes more than 48 hours without a poop, time to call - may be nothing but worth a call. Three days and definitely time for a visit, in my vet's mind anyway.

There can be variations of course, and when I first got mine I kept a diary til I got a feel of what's regular for them. I honestly got so nervous when my little girl had a dental and then was taking clavomox for a slight anal gland infection they picked up during the exam while she was asleep. I kind of forgot that since (a) she had fasted before and after the dental cleaning, and (b) then the clavomox wasn't exactly making for a hearty appetite, that her regular poo schedule would be interrupted. Don't worry - my vet's office didn't laugh at me when I called about it!
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I think all of mine urinate anywhere from 2-4 times a day and poop either once a day or once every other day. It's hard to know with more than two cats, especially when all but one prefers privacy. I'm always amused when the vet asks about that. Like I'm going to spend all my free time waiting for them to use the litter box so I can see what they did.

I know that when the one had stones in his bladder he was urinating more than four times a day.

My grandparents once had a cat that urinated only once a day and pooped once a day. He had a stroke so he wasn't all there. He would hold his urine until his bladder was full and then when he peed I'd often wonder if he'd ever stop. For a few years he had to have a fiber supplement because he would hold his bowels too and that wasn't healthy. So when he pooped he really pooped and the smell was unbelievable.
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