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Bino: 3Mo White Kitten

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Hi all,

I adopted Bino from the SF animal control about a week ago. He's about 3 months old and he's extremely playful. He was a stray until about 4 weeks old when SF animal control found him and placed him under foster care. Should i worry about FIV/FeLV? They didn't test for Feline HIV which worries me. I adopted my three other cats from the Peninsula Humane Society and they test their cats for FIV/FeLV before they put them up for adoption.
I'm thinking about building him a playhouse/cat post because he LOVES climbing on things. Is there a DIY guide on building cat furniture?

Here's a picture of him:
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Oops. I just realized that i posted in the wrong section, sorry. Feel Free to move it. Thanks.
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They adopted out an animal that hadn't been tested for anything? That's extremely poor on their part, I must say. Nevertheless, I personally would be worried about it. I would have kept him isolated from the other kitties till he was tested/vet checked, however seeing that he is with the other 3 I'd think the damage has been done if he had anything. If your other three kitties are completely UTD on their shots, and vaccinated for FIV/FELV, they have a much better chance of not getting something if he has something. Bring him to the vet, the sooner the better.

He's a cutie, btw! They look like they're all getting along famously! Sorry I can't give you any tips on building a cat tree/furniture for him, I'm like the most un-handy person you could ever meet .
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He definitely needs to get to the vet to get his shots and get checked out otherwise.

There are tons of ideas out there for building cat posts and furniture. Just google "how to make a cat post" for a few of them...
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I second the "get him to a vet as soon as possible" chorus, and I just have to add that he is as cute as a button.
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