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sleeping beauty

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Is there a cutter thing in the whole world? I think not! Not for meowmy, anyways! I was typing away on TCS yesterday, and when I turned around that's what I found... TOO cute! I got my camera very carefully, and started to take some pictures... My Bugsy loves napping, and luckily for me he doesn't wake up easily either - I take my pictures, he naps away, and everybody is happy!
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He's so adorable! Begging for a tummy rub.
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Awwww, what a cute fluff-ball! If ya look at the picture really quick, he looks like a little white, fluffy pillow. Right?! It looks like he fell asleep while begging for a belly scratch!
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OMG!!!! He's BEAUTIFUL!!! I wouldn't of been able to stop myself from rubbing that belly!!
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FLUFF!!! I love it! Too cute!
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Aw, Bugsby is so dang cute. I can't believe he didn't wake up! I fidget in my seat, and my boys are instantly awake.
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What a great pic, Carolina. Keep it in mind if there is another calendar contest with sleeping puddies!!!
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You are soo right! There isn't a cuter thing in the world, she looks adorable!!!
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Aww! Looks like Cammy's fluffy white belly! She LOVE belly rubs when she's sleeping like that!
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very cute! he looks so cozy in his nap.
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