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Whew, Glad that's over!

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Well, we have finally moved and have all of our feral babies with us. The two tamest (Blondie and Zoey) were the last and hardest to get. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get them and finally, on our last day, we caught Blondie. She's the mother of two Al and Hercules and is our matriarch of the family. She also helps with the other cats as far as taking care of them. She's an amazing cat and I could not be happier. It was a great sense of relief that we were able to finally move out of the rental house and know that our family was intact.

All 7 of them are currently residing in the "Shady Oaks Kitty Condo" that we built for them. It is situated under several oak trees. They are completely protected from the elements. They have plenty of shelves to climb, protection from misquitos and other invading pests, and a nice safe place to be.

It has been quite an adjustment for the gang as there are new smells and sounds (we hear roars from lions as there is a refuge for them several acres behind us). Also, there are my parents. They mean well, but they didn't understand that the cats are feral and trust myself and Chad, but not other humans. At first they were all huddled up together in a kitty pile. It was hard to see where one cat began and another ended. I made them some great hiding places with some rubbermaid tubs. It's so cute how they all pile into one tub. Slowly but surely they are coming out of their shells and acting more like themselves.....

We are at my parents house with them until our place is ready (approximately 3 months from now). We will have to move them to our new place and keep them in their condo for another 30 days in order for them to know where home is. They are absolutely going to love having 7+ acres to roam and investigate. We are so greatful to have them with us so we can continue to provide them with the best life possible. We love them so.
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So glad you got them all. How far did you move from your former place? that they all settle in well and stay close to home.
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Congratulations on the successful move! You must be so relieved you were able to trap them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I too am sending my vibes that they settle in well!

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We moved 31 miles from our rental home. We drove 62 miles a day to try to get these last two cats. We didn't trap them. We used carriers which presented more of a problem. We bought a trap but they were very leary of it, so we didn't use it. The two that were such a problem catching were the two that I can typically pick up and carry around (I don't do it often). They were the two that I thought would be the first to make the move.

We are delighted that they will continue to live with us.
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That is so awesome that you caught all of them!

I moved all the ferals from my old place to this house, and let them back out after about 30 days. They got so used to being close to me that when I let them out, they didn't leave the deck for a few days, and only wandered when the dogs walked out into the yard (they followed the dogs around).

I assume that you are going to leave them in their enclosure for the time at your parents before you settle to your own home? You are too cool for taking these babies with you!!
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