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Poor Honey and Poor Hubby

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Last night we fed the cats around 7 pm and I was medicating the few that are still on Doxy around 10. Our Abysinnian Honey was nowhere to be found and this is very unusual as she is an in your face, always with you cat. We searched the house, calling for her, opened every closet door, bureau, etc. I knew something was wrong because she comes when you call her, all the time without fail. I kept thinking, oh my, she got out and I have to tell Frannie. My husband kept reminding me we were the only ones home and she could not have gotten out because neither one of us had even opened the door since 7.

So we went out to our cat courtyard, where we have a special cat proof fence so our guys can go out in a protected area. We called her and heard a meow so we went and got flashlights. Honey was up - way up - in the tree and could not get down. Of course, I started crying and coaxing her to get down - she came a little, but was too scared. So Clint got one of the ladders we keep in the courtyard for the cats to play and sleep on. Unfortunately it was wood and had been outside for a few years - he got to the top and it collapsed. He fell onto our patio - not hurt badly, but really bruised and sore. And Honey was still in the tree. I kept going outside every hour or two (no I did not sleep much) and she was getting closer, but still not on the ground. Around 5 am my brave husband got the pool ladder and brought her down.

Honey is sound asleep purring in her snug sack, no worse for her adventure. My husband is bruised and sore and I am cranky from lack of sleep.
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I am glad that Honey is down safe and sound and that hubby was not seriously hurt. One of my cats a few years ago got into a tree and he was up really high for a little kitty- about 10'. Mike called to him and tried to coax him down, but he would have none of it, so when I got home from work, I went and stood under the tree and I called to him. Now that cat did not hesitate, and he just leaped! He landed on my face and shoulders with his claws outstretched! OUCH!!!! I looked like a battle field had erupted on my face, and oh God, it hurt so bad! But he trusted me to that extent and that made my day. Though, I think next time, I'll duck! And yes, I caught him and did not drop him.
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Poor all of you. I think it's time to cut her nails. Sorry that I'm laughing but I could just picture this scene. I know she's safe with you and I'm sure she's put you both a little more at attention. Now you know why I do a head count approximately 6 times a day. Just to ease yourself (and you will probably laugh) that I couldn't find her one day either and she was in her room (my cats have their own room with TV, satallite mind you, radio, beds, etc. when we're now home because if something ever happened or if somebody broke in, I know where they are and safe) I couldn't find her in her own room. My hubby came running in when he heard me yelling for her and he found her up on the shelf in the closet, just staring down at me like I was nuts. I too was panicked. Now you've got to realize that there is nothing kept in that closet so if I just looked up, I would have seen her. Now I think it's time you go get some sleep. I guess you forgot what it was like to have an Aby around much less two of them. They will keep you on your toes. Oh I can just here the kitten stories. I'm also surprised that you didn't pull up a lounge chair and sleep under the tree. Rene, just to let you know, you're my best friend and I love both you and Clint. Now, tell Clint he should come over and sit in my hot tub for a while for those sore bones.

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Poor all of you! boy I am glad my Abyssinian doesn't climb trees. All he does is climb everything else in the house! One time I opened the freezer door and I turned my back for no more then a second and when I turned back to the freezer, there he was happy as a lark just exploring the new found cold place!:laughing2
He looked so upset when I took him out of the freezer and now every time we open the freezer door, we have to watch for him cause he'll come barreling into the kitchen and fly into the freezer if you let him!:tounge2:
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Wow! What an ordeal! Please give your husband my condolences for his being injured in the line of duty. I'm glad everybody's safe now!

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Hugs for hubby Clint for going through such an ordeal!

He and Honey both need sone TLC -
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Frannie - thanks for all your sympathy!

Seriously, everyone is fine - it just is one of those funny little stories you like to share - of course it is easy for me to say that as I am not the one with bruises - just a little tired. And I am actually going to bed very shortly as I want to start the week off bouncy and bright (did I really say that).
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Hey Barb

I know what you mean. I had an aby named Rocky who use to open the fridge grab a piece of cheese and close the fridge when he got the cheese. He always got into something. That's why I love the abys as they always keep you on your toes and everything else. Don't get me wrong, they have taught my rescues the same antics. I always say that no matter what the age of the aby is, they never grow up -- always acting like kittens. Also, the only tree that my babies know of is the tree house in my house. Rene has an absolutely wonderful outdoor gym for them and it's only because of who her an her husband are that I allow them to go outside in the secured area. I've seen pictures of her house and I will have the pleasure of spending time there in January. Hey Rene, could you put on a picture of the outside enclosure so everyone could see?

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:laughing2 :laughing2 I can believe it with an abby! I'm sure glad mine hasn't mastered that oen yet! Everytime he does something bad and I tell him he is a bad cat, he will look at me with those innocent eyes like he is appalled that I would even THINK of accusing him of something! He is truely my little and so are the others but he is the one who really keeps me hopping.
it is good to know that I am not the only one in the world who has an abby cat! Every site I've been to so far noone has one! I felt all alone
It is sure nice to see some more abby people! I'm glad to meet ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tounge2:
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I ALWAYS take a head count when I come in from work at night because my tortie Mollie Rose usually sneaks out the door as I'm walking in without me noticing.

Rene, you didn't tell me about it today when we were on the green. When you first posted that Clint fell, I gasped! But then I remembered him and I lifting the stuff into the van this afternoon and figured he wasn't seriously hurt (thank God!!). No wonder the two of you are exhausted. Get some sleep, will ya?


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Rene probably spent her day chopping the tree down!
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Wow! never a dull moment. glad everyones okay!
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Rene!!! I am SO glad that Honey is okay, and you got her out of the tree! Youe hubby sounds like an extra special guy to go through all he did, bruises and all, to get her safely down!!!!

Give him an extra hug tonight!
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OKay Ive GOT to say this....

Clint is the coolest guy I know. There's not a whole lot of "guys" that I like, being in the military it saves heartache when saying goodbye.. but...

He's the most even tempered person I've ever met... I wish I was more like that.

And funny, OMG.... if ya'll only knew, he makes me roll.

Pretty damn smart too.... I envy that (it's a sin I could live with)

And another one of htose people, along with Sandie and Rene, that I don't know how they do it..... They do so much, affect so many people with so little time.....

God im glad I have friends like them.... and Donna & the Aimster, and frannie, and Michelle and her hubby... he's pretty great too as a matter of fact!!!! ( the two guys I would mostly like to hang out with (at Hooters)) and tons of other folks I could name (okay 4), but ya'll don't em And yes.. Sandie is my bestest friend

feeling a bit meloncholy
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Yo Imagyne,

Melancholy? You sound downright sappy to me!!

But you're right. Clint is so even tempered and a blast to be around. Psssst, you're not too bad yourself there Big fella!

"Good friends are God's way of apologizing for BAD relatives"

I love you guys!!

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No Donna, you can't have my Bud Light...

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Donna -
How how true about that relative thing!!!!!!!!
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Ok guys, I've got something to say. Clint and Ken are the best guys I know (except for my hubby who doesn't get to go to shows anymore because he has to stay home and babysit the gang). I'm proud to say that they are the greatest. The whole gang at the shows are great and they include, Rene, Clint, Sandy, Ken, Kyle (Sandie and Ken's daughter), Michele and Donna. I didn't mention my mom but she too is great. I always look forward to going home to the shows as I know they will always be there. Heck, we're all going to Bush Gardens in Tampa together before the show. That should be a lot of fun. Anyway, I'm proud to call them my friends. Thanks you guys for always being there.

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*perks up*

Did somebody say Bud Lite?????

hand it over!!!!

You guys are the best....I am just flat out jealous that I don't live closer to be part of this group of friends you have going on here!

Seriously, though,....it is so cool that you all are such great friends and such cat lovers to boot... like I said, I am envious of the bond you all have!
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