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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
Just got to work, starting my day and trying to find the motivation I had on Monday
...**** Motivation!......*****..... Go my Friend Go!...

Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Sitting at my desk freezing I think it's time to put some socks on.
don´t you want a bit of my warm wheater?...
I´ll be happy to send you it......
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Thinking bout having a nap...if no nap, just fiddling around here, watchin tv and doing some packing.
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no nap...went for a walk instead.

Now we're off to Build A Bear
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Just vegging in front of the computer thinking about maybe having an early dinner.
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Kay and I ended up doing some girly time.... I got my eyebrows waxed and nails done, she got hers painted... we had pizza for supper then a swim. Now just vegging, I'm hoping for an early bedtime so I can make decent time out of here tomorrow.
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desk office...
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Heading off to watch tv for a couple of hours then sleep. I am assuming some kind of storm is moving in because my hands, shoulders, and knees are all aching tonight. The idea of curling up under my comforter with the remote for the tv is very appealing.
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Nite night susan!.-..
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desk office on Friday morning!......
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Having a cup of hot chocolate with a couple of peppermints thrown in for extra flavor.
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*drool* that sounds good right about now!

I'm procrastinating (again) because I NEED to get the house clean and the cats ready & everyone packed up to go away for a few days... but there are so many dishes and so much laundry to put away and just STUFF everywhere . Ok 10 more minutes then I'll get to work...
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Getting ready for school! class in the am and pm! hopefullu i dont fall asleep
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a coke!...
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home, taking a break from unpacking...the kitties are ignoring me LOL. Maybe they are mad at me for leaving them.
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again from the office desk:.....
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Avoiding thinking about what I need to be doing. I have somebody coming to pick something up in 15 minutes or so. I hope he's punctual. I think i'm going to blow this pop stand as soon as he's gone.
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I am working on assignments so that they can get handed in early before I leave for Taipei. Only 2 more days to go before I hop onto a jet plane!
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saying goodby from the office to all of you!.....

back later now from home...
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now I´m back from home
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I'm just about to head to bed. I picked up 2 shifts this weekend. I would normally be off 6 days, but I want the extra money to put away towards my new bedroom/bed set and a treadmill.
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Heading off to bed as well, nighty night.
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im on my break at work, been here since 5:30 had class all day, and i am not off until midnight, then back here for an 8 1/2 hour shift, i am sooo tired, and i have my ponies to take care of early in the morning. i just want to sleep
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doing the morning routine.... and coffee.
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good morning to eveyone!.......
for desk office....
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Having a cup of hot chocolate and thinking about finding a pair of socks to put on because my feet are cold.
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thinking bout getting dressed sometime today

I would spend it in my robe, but I do have to go out later.
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Being cranky because I had to get up at butt crack early this morning to only get called off work for morning shift cuz its slow and called in for night shift to cover for someone who needed off...Argh I hate mornings Im on my millionth cup of coffee so maybe it will get better with some doughnuts!
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