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The Whatcha Doin' Thread  

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Hi, Whatcha Doin'?
I wanted to create a thread where we can post simple, short messages saying what we are doing, any time of the day (or night), whenever we feel like... Kind of our own version of Twitter .

So, Whatcha Doin'?
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I am watching Animal Planet "Grizzly Encounters" getting ready to cook my lunch.
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We just had a nap Now we are making smoothies and about to head to the new apartment!
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Wasting (?) time on TCS. Gonna take a nap. Just made lunch for Dottie. She has to work weekends this month, watching students going back and forth on the backing range all day. It's so hot, she came home for a quick shower and lunch.
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getting my lunch ready - will have rice, beans and chicken..... yum!! trying to choose a movie to watch - I have Made of honor, the kite runner, the dark knight, the chronicles of narnia, and the exorcism of emily rose...
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I'm basically procrastinating getting anything done!
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Trying to decide whether to play a few video games, or take an afternoon nap..
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playing a facebook game as my son plays in his swing.
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Taking a break with my gardening. I got the garden weeded, now have to go back and lay about 6 bags of mulch to finish it off.
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Watching Wedding Crashers while on TCS, trying to find some motivation to go back downstairs and put my load of wash into the dryer and put a new load in the washing machine, and debating whether or not I will have a cigarette before OR after I do this (isn't my life just soooo exciting?! ). These are the big decisions of this weekend. What order I will do mundane, boring, stupid little things. Life is rough
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Met my sister for lunch then doing some housework this afternoon.
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woke up from a nap, and trying to think what and when dinner is going to be.
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Watching TV, surfing the web, and trying to talk myself into putting another load into the laundry.
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Watching Big Brother, reading the BB forum and surfing during commercials
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Thinking about heading off to bed to read for awhile...
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Thinking about heading off to bed to read for awhile...
Sounds like a darn good idea....
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Sounds like a darn good idea....
Make that 3 of us.
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Having a cup of tea and looking forward to putting up the new trellis DH and I built today...I think I might feel all the work tomorrow though...
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watching TV while my honey cooks and counting kitties draped around the living room.
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Woke up DH to have him pill the cats (I'll be gone next week and they need to get used to him doing it), and thinking about going to bed.
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Eating dinner - chicken pad thai - yum! Getting ready to watch True Blood
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BF tried to cook swordfish for the first time.

Just now finally got the horrible smell of fish out of the apartment.

Will never purchase fish at safeway again.
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I am getting ready to have a peaceful sleep! I live above a bar and it is especially loud on the weekends. I do the dishes, clean the litter box, take out the garbage, and check all the plants, indoor and out so I can sleep in as late as Maia will allow!
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Just had breakfast, searching the net for jobs...
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Well I just got out of the shower after having my morning coffee. Yes I get up late, today was at 11:30am. I then jumped on the computer, checked out a few things including e-mails and finally came here. After this I'm going to read the book I recently started. It's a very hot day here so not doing anything strenuous altho the a/c is blasting.
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I'm just about to leave for work. I'm working late tonight!
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about to go out and get hubbys bday present before i go to work but i cant get off this couch!
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Getting a glass of wine so that I can relax and have a chat with a good friend.
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Sitting here, printing off technical instructions for DNA extraction kits...I should be at work but I have a tummy bug that is going around at the moment.
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I'm trying to figure how much I can spend and how much I can deposit in the bank tomorrow. I've got an interview for a second job and since I don't go in to town often I need to get all my banking done while I'm there. As soon as I get this all sorted I'm off to bed, it'll be an early start!
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