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I haven't been able to get them to eat  

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I haven't been able to get either foster to eat since 3am and it is now 12pm. 3 am feeding wasn't great either. Their cries aren't as loud any more and they aren't moving around as much either!!! Some thing is wrong!!! I can not get them to the ER today!!! IT is sunday and we have a Tornado watch going and the closest ER VET is 45 min away. I have to wait till tomorrow!!! Please help me!!!!
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two of the most common reasons for weak kittens is they are too cold (or too warm!), and they are dehydrated.

Can it be something of these??

As I understand, these 2 surviving ones seemed to be wellgrown, healthy and strong earlier? So hopefully it shouldnt be a sickness?

Vibes send!

ps. If it is easier to get them to drink water, proceed at least with water!
Preferably with some salt and dextropure-sugar in it... (1teaspoon kitchensalt, 1 soupspoon dextropure sugar, 1 litre of water. mixy by cooking up up, let it cool down to body temperature)

so you will at least buy them some time.
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I tried Karo syrup this AM I have been trying pedialyte in a syringe but no reaction. These kittens seem to be breathing from their mouths!!! The woman I got them from said the other kitten that died (from OP) had pnemonia. I have only had them since 10pm friday night and everything seemed great until 3am. I have one striped and his lips look to be turning purple. I don't know what to do. I am starting a steam shower in the bathroom now to put them in there for a few minutes.
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Yes, a horrible situation, especielly as you cant come to a emergency vet (which is of of course necessary here...). Do you have possibility to phone one vet?

Pneumonia yes, it is quite common. The probably most common cause for healthy born kittens to die of. It is often from them inhaling water when delivered.

the steam shower may help some yes. and you have the pedialyte (I wrote about a home made pedialyte, good you had it already bought).

You are a marvel, doing everything along the manual...

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Poor babies. I know you're doing everything you can. Try soaking the corner of a clean washcloth in any solution you're trying to feed them with. Sometimes the texture of the cloth can stimulate them to suck, I don't know why. Also, whentrying to feed them, gently stroke their backs. It might help to stimulate them.
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Fostering nursing babies is an iffy proposition at best.

Are you feeding them with a bottle, or a syringe? The latter seems to work better in some cases, but it has to be done carefully.
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they are being bottle fed and did great on it till 3 am.

I called and spoke to a Vet at the ER and was sadly informed not to bring them in. She said they more than likely either have pnemonia, or being they were born to a stray could very possibly have distemper,FeLV,FIV or numerous other birth defects that are just now hitting them. She informed me it would cost me $104 just to walk in on a Sunday and fees for all the tests and possible euthanasia only for them to not be able to do anything at all!!

I am at a loss I am so heart broken right now!!! They were so full of life yesterday and as I type this their breathing has become very shallow and they are open mouth breathing!! I don't think I will do this again I truly do not think my heart can handle it as well as my 8 year old daughters heart!!!
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Had the vet any advices for what you could do yourself? IF there was anything to do other than wait for the end??

I understand she was very sincere. Very honourable of her.

Im feeling deeply with you and your daugher... Weeping too...

Lots of warm hugs.
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They are both gone!! They both stopped breathing almost simultaneously! They would have never made it through that long drive to the vet.

All she could say to do was make them as comfortable as possible until they passed. I made sure they were warm and petted them and said I was so sorry for all of their pain and sorry they only had a short time here and I hope hope I made their short time with me comfortable and loving as possible!!

Even though I had them only less than 48 hours this has deeply devastated me!! It makes me so angry that people do not fix their pets!!! I have cried all morning like they had been my pet for years!!!

RIP Tiko and Brownie!!! I hope you enjoy your journey over that beautiful rainbow bridge!!!!
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Be sure to put them in the Crossing the Bridge section.

It is truly heartbreaking fostering very young kittens. Their mother is the best caretaker, and if anything happens to her, the kittens' chances are very slim. And, in the wild, somewhere between 50% and 95% of all kittens die before they're independent.

For your broken heart, and for the little ones at the Bridge.
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I'm crying for you and your little babies - but at least they were cared for and oh so loved for their too short time here. Prayers for you all, and thank you for risking your heart to take care of these little ones.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your two babies.
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Right before I posted that last message I had sent my husband out with the kids to give me some time. I cried I prayed for them I talked to them posted that message here then cried hysterically for about an hour!! Coming here and having so much support is wonderful when I can't exactly get it at home because I don't want my children to see my cry and be double hurt!! I will definitely go post in the Rainbow Bridge board later tonight things wind down at home!!! Thank you again!!!!!!
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I am crying right along with you. My heart breaks for you and for those three babies... You are a stronger person than me for even trying to foster. I can't even walk into the animal shelter (and it's no-kill these days).
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I'm sorry about the kittens. You did a good thing by taking them in. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Please if you get the chance to foster in the future please do it.
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Originally Posted by browneyes106 View Post
I'm sorry about the kittens. You did a good thing by taking them in. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Please if you get the chance to foster in the future please do it.

I second this in 100%.
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I have done a lot of thinking over the past day and I decided as hard as it is I will still foster except it will only be with Rescues and Shelters. No more taking in kittens that young from strangers.

The more I thought about it yesterday the more things made sense to me! When I was first contacted about the kittens she told me there were 7 yet when I went to get them I was told I took 3 and someone else took 3. Well then one must have died in her care and she failed to tell me. I was so concerned with the well being of my little 3 I forgot the original number! I contacted her to let her know my 2 babies had passed Sunday and if she knew how the other persons 2 were still holding out and never heard back from anyone!

I am willing to lay my life on her lying about someone else bringing them to her and they were actually born at her house and she knew they were sick and wanted them gone! Once I had them in my hands all communication stopped!! I wasn't even allowed into the yard to get them so who knows what they were in.

In hindsight I loved them dearly but I should have been more careful with my heart! I am glad I got to see them through the last few days and fill their bellies and scratch their little heads!! I loved them dearly and hope they are happy and healthy now!!!
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As you analyzed that woman didnt told the whole thruth, it is entirely possible 4 died there, before you come and fetched the 3 still living...

Thus, it was a costly lesson taking a toll from you. But also a valuable lesson: you - and we - know now for sure you are a natural talent at this. A person very well suitable for such task.

And your daughter? Yes she get an unpleasant shock. But it was perhaps a useful lesson for her too. Sooner or later everybody will met death and sorrow.
It is better the first time will not be with somebody really near and dear.

Im very very glad for your decisions.
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