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The ultimate toy

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Yes, we got a delivery in a large cardboard box yesterday. The herd wait patiently as DH unpacked the box, then reinforced the corners with tape and cut a nice Speck-size hole in the front. We used Speck as our prototype since if he'll fit, they'll all fit. Now we have a huge, ugly box in our living room and some very happy and excited kitties! They love it!
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Boxes are the ULTIMATE toy for my kitties! The box my SS presents came in 2 years ago sat in the dining room until this past Christmas because it became Harley's "bed". I tried to get rid of it before that but he raised such a fuss I was constantly bringing it back up from the basement burn pile and giving it back. I guess by the time Christmas came around again there was enough new stuff to play with (tree, ornaments, etc) that I was finally allowed to get rid of it.

The best toy I ever had I made on a whim. I took a small box, cut holes in the sides big enough for them to get their legs through and look through but not big enough for them to crawl through, and hung one of those jingly balls from the center. They went CRAZY trying to get that stupid ball! It would occupy my one cat for hours.

Yep, sometimes the best toys are the simple ones.
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Indeed, boxes are the ultimate toys.

Cheap, good scratchers, and loads of kitty (human too) fun
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Yep! One of the best toys ever! Got 4 in the hallway at moment 2 in the bedroom,cant move for them, but cant say i dont recycle!!
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A version of the big ugly living room box is the paper grocery bag. Yep, I leave them on the kitchen floor and kick them out of my way as I go.
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