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sandpaper facial! Ouchy!

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One of my fosters - Jakie - is such a love muffin! He is my little shadow. Loves pets and belly rubs and follows me around, supervising anything that I am doing. And of course - I love it!

Well, he is accepting being cuddled now - but I pay a price! He will put his little poo-poo paws on my face (Hold still, Meowmy) and gives me a good washing! He likes to lick my lips, too! Sometimes he will knead my face, too. Ouch on two counts cuz he hates having his claws trimmed!

With Kitty Dermabrasion in the house, who needs fancy creams and lotions!
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That's so cute! I mostly get hand and arm washes from Genever. BF gets his face washed and sometimes his hair, usually while he's sleeping.
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I know what you mean. Rocko got me on my eyelid yesterday. Ouch!!
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Sapphire loves to lick my hand and arm anytime I pet her. She licks more than a lot of dogs I know! But she has never licked my face. Maybe she doesn't like the beard!
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Yup yup, I get them from Jason as well, owie!
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Awwwwwww Trout doesn't get that up close and personal unless she thinks I am sleeping She doesn't like working with live humans.
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flash does that all the time

my mams cat as soon has my dad has had his shower he hops up onto the back of the settee and licks the water out of his hair haha
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There's a cat at my shelter who loves to give facials. He's such a love, he just turns to putty in your arms when you hold him.

My cats lick my arms and bite my feet when I try to sleep. Lol.
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