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Weekend invasion into YOUR life: Sun. Aug.2

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Mornin folks....

after a hectic busy day yesterday (getting caught up after time away can be not fun LOL) we have a slower day today

I have to drop Kendra off soon, so she can head up for her first cadet camp. She'll be gone for 2wks

But she'll learn alot, and she gets paid for going as well. That girl is rollin' in the dough this summer.

Time to go wake my other daughter up, as we're all going to see Kendra off
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I'm reading at Church today, then we're going out to lunch, then we're visiting friends we haven't seen in quite awhiel. Hot and sort of rainy here.
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I am going to make pancakes in a few minutes

Today we are going to the new place for a while I think..we might go for a bikeride and play tennis if it doesn't rain.

Tonight we are going for dinner with friends. We got a gift certificate for a wedding gift!

That is about all!

Have a good one folks!
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I'm trying to get myself psyched up to weed an overgrown garden, cut the brush out of the fence row and move some rocks. But I'm procrastinating right now cause I really don't want to do it, even though it needs doing.

The cats had Royal Canin Rabbit for breakfast and licked every last droplet from the bottom of the bowls. My little carnivores love their gamey flavors.
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I had grand plans to sleep late, but alas, the boys decided 7:30 was plenty late enough, thank you. I woke up to all three staring at me and breaking into a chorus of mews and meows when they saw I was up. You can't keep the princes waiting for their breakfast, .

Today I need to tidy up around the apartment and do a couple of loads of laundry. The BF's sister has been here for two weeks and is leaving for TN early this afternoon, so I think we're going to catch an early lunch with her.

Hopefully I'll get sometime to read too.

Anyway, hope everybody has a lovely lazy Sunday!
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Morning All!!!

Woke up to a wicked thunderstorm at 4 A.M. which scared the you know what out of the cats. Managed to get back to sleep about 6 and then sleep late until almost 10. That is a rarity in with the kitties around but I guess they were tired from the storm as well because all three were in bed sleeping with me when I woke up.

Not a whole lot planned for today, have to make a trip to the farmer's market for a few things.
Need to change the litter boxes and tidy up the house a bit.

Should also vacuum the furniture the critter's seem to be shedding quite badly right now.

The kitties have recovered from their early morning storm and are now bird-watching.

Everyone have a good day
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Not a whole lot going on here. Yesterday I started weed eating the lawn (it was way overgrown) so I'm going to try to work up the energy to finish that today and then if I have any extra time do some house cleaning. The dishes need washing and the massive pile of laundry needs folding. And the kitties need brushing
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Yesterday, we went to Sandcastle (waterpark in Pittsburgh) and today we were supposed to go fishing but since its 130 and I just got up about an hour ago, I'm not sure we're going to do that, lol.

Pepper, aka Beefcake, is running around like crazy this AM and Ollie the dog is chewing on a coke bottle . Petunia is just chillin' out in her room and having a good time by herself.

Have a good day everyone!
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