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Why Why Why!!!

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I just need a quick advice but will be calling the vet tomorrow!
i bought some fish oil capsules for me only.
Here is what happened, Friday morning i laid out my Glucosamine and fish oil tablets next to each other, walked off to the kitchen got a glass of water and ended up making breakfast, went to work then realized at 3 pm that i hadn't taken the tablets, when i got home they were gone and i assumed because i was so tired in the morning i actually took them.

This morning i did the same thing, but i actually went and got my glass of water and caught Gatto red handed he had already scoffed my fish oil tablet but didnt eat my other one!

ive been checking their litter box and everything seems fine, but i am just worried for it tobe stuck in his belly or something!
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Well, I don't think you need to be TOO worried, I know that at my vet they actually sell fish oil gel tablets for cats and dogs... So as long as it was just fish oil with no other wierd ingredients it should be okay. I'm not sure about the other pill tho, but good luck!
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How many milligrams was the capsule, Fran? A 500 mg. capsule is fine for a cat, and the gel should dissolve easily.
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I think you'll be fine. I give my older cat glucosamine daily and we've given both our girls fish oil. However, I would advise you to call the ASPCA's poison control center just to be sure.
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I don't think it's anything to worry about. The capsules themselves are made to dissolve, so even if it is stuck it is dissolving as we speak. I give my cats fish oil from the capsules all the time and it is actually good for them (most cats). I just poke them and squeeze the oil out. Checking the litterbox for it will probably yield nothing. Just think about it- when you take them, it doesn't get stuck or anything, right? And the glucosamine tablet most likely will be fine too. They actually make glucosamine for cats, just different dosages.

Just keep an eye out for anything unusual, but don't worry about it. He'll be just fine. You can contact the ASPCA poison control center, but I can almost guarantee you that they will just say to keep an eye on him. If he ate like 5 in a row, then that would be cause for worry. But not one, he's just a sneaky little dude . My cats have accidentally ingested more dangerous things and they've always been fine (but mine are built like brick *poop* houses lol).

Don't worry, he's fine!
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Fish oil is 100% okay for cats.

High in Omega 3's and 6's.

In fact, I regularly feed fish oil to my cat to promote a healthy coat.

Not to worry.
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
However, I would advise you to call the ASPCA's poison control center just to be sure.
No need for a long distance, overseas phone call

Like catattack, I also give my cats fish oil.
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I give my cat "salmon oil" all the time drizzled on his raw food. He LOVES it and it is supposed to be healthy for him as well. I don't give him a capsule all at once but I think if this happened only twice it should not be too worrisome.
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I can't imagine fish oil doing anything worse than, if it was too much for the particular cat, giving him the squirts temporarily...and even then I can't imagine needing to do anything more than offer plenty of water and let it pass. Possible side effect: very shiny coat in however much time that takes to happen.

Glucosamine is, IIRC, made out of shellfish shells, so probably any cat that eats food with fish byproducts eats some of this anyway and I've never heard of it hurting them. The worst I can think of that doing from taking in a lot of it once is a bit of slow digestion if the residual mineral content (from the shellfish shells) neutralizes a lot of stomach acid...although it probably wouldn't be healthy for the cat to do that repeatedly.
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Sorry, I didn't realize you were in Australia or I'd never have posted the 1-800 #. Hope your guy's doing okay!
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Fran, they also give glucosamine to cats, so Gatto will be fine.
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I had to take Kaylee in to the vet today because she has a cold and jebus cat consultation and antibiotics is much more expensive here than in Germany!! But i wanted to be safe than sorry.

Anyway walked out of there and got home and completely forgot to ask about the fish oil capsules.
He is doing fine, litter box is normal so i am not going to worry too much even if i do ill give them a call later on!

Thank you all for replying and giving me advice! *hugs*
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