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Need good vibes desperately...

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Hi. I was here about a year ago, with a similar issue I am going through again. Different cause, same result. A feral kitten, Coonie, I caught 3 years ago, who seemed to be a regular domesticated cat after all this time, jumped out of my window through the side of the air conditioner. Normally, she's fine-but when I found her outside-she reverted right back to her feral instincts. I didn't know initially, I picked her up hiding in the basement window edge, and she went crazy and scratched me pretty bad. Normally, I'd hold on-but she was out of control. She disappeared-a little while later I finally found her in the tire well in a car (not good). I went to try to figure out how to get her out safely and quickly, but she moved back to my back yard. She was by the side of my house, I turned to figure out how to block her and get to her, and she disappeared again. Neither of us saw what direction she went. So for the last 12 hours, we have been calling and searching, and nothing...I know she is terrified and I know she is hiding probably, hopefully somewhere not unsafe. I am devastated! I keep going back outside and looking-but it feels absolutely despairing. Last year I went through this with a pregnant feral, and after a week she finally crossed our path-after having starved the entire time. I am hoping to find my little Coone ASAP! Any good vibes would be greatly appreciated-because I think they helped last time! Thanks alot!!

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Awwww Coone, come home, mommy misses you so much!
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Poor baby.
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she perhaps hurt something while jumping out? the pain could explain her revert into feral behaviour.

Good luck!
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Good luck!
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Things took a horrible turn last night. She was attacked by my neighbor's two dogs. We heard a cat scream, and went over there. By the time we got there and they checked, she was killed. Never expected this at all. She was so innocent and scared. I couldn't help her in time. And now I do not know how to deal with such a horrific loss...I will tell everyone this-please make sure your cat can't get out through the air conditioner sides!!!! Put up wood boards or something more than just the slots. The tape and foam are not enough. I have had the ac for years, the cats never tried to get out. But if she moved into it a certain way and the glue on the tape was loose-she got out because it was not secure enough. She had been indoors for 3 years and never a problem. She got out this once, and it cost her her life, tragically...
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Oh my God, That's horrible... I am so sorry!! RIP Little Coone
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Oh how horrible! I cannot imagine the pain, hurt and guilt you are feeling right now. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. There was no way to know this could happen. I hope others learn from this problem, but my heart aches for you and the loss of your beloved Coonie.

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That's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. RIP, Coonie.
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Oh no, that's beyond awful. I'm so sorry. At least it was fast, and if it's any comfort, I saw a documentary that said cats produce hundreds more endomorphins than humans so she probably went into shock quickly and didn't suffer as much as it may have looked like to you.
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I'm so sorry for you and your baby. Just know that you didn't do anything do cause it. Sometimes things are just accidents that couldn't be forseen by any body. Don't be hard on yourself. Hopefully, she will meet up with my Ernie who passed on Sat nite of old age.

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Can´t Believe it......
RIP poor cooner...
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