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Good-bye Spackle Cat

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I don't have any pictures as of yet [but hope too soon cuz I want to make a video!]

Spackle lost her battle with kidney failure yesterday. Spackle was an all white deaf cat that my friend found as a stay when she was a year old. She had multiple issues with bladder infections and had kidney failure. The past year she crashed two times but pulled through. She was an amazing cat, she never once acted ill like she was supposed to. She put up with getting subq fluids every day, erythropoetin injections, being force fed. When her PCV dropped to 10% she wasn't acting any different. She made it through a blood transfusion and started improving, but her PCV[red cells] dropped to a dangerous 6%. On friday she finally gave her mom some signs that she wasn't feeling well so she was able to make the decision to put her to rest.

The hardest part is that Spackle was taken away way too young. Spackle was only 4 years old. She never once acted ill even with angry kidneys, she was always bright and happy. She was able to travel to Canada a few times this year, she traveled very well and had a great time. Spackle battled her kidney failure to the end. We lost an amazing cat. Good thoughts and condolences for her mom would be awesome.
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Play happily over the bridge, Spackle. And a to your Mom for taking such good care of you.
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I´m so sorry for your loss my friend...
My deep condolences...
REST IN PEACE Sweet Spackle...
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My condolences to your friend. RIP, Spackle, your mom will really miss you.
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I'm so sorry for Your loss. Rest in Peace Spackle.
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Oh goodness she was too young as well, poor baby

Play happily at the brisge Spackle

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RIP Spackle. You were fortunate in your short life to have been cared for and loved so much.
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RIp Spackle. You were an amazing kitty to hold on so long.
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