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Cat Sitting Like a Frog !!!

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Does anyone know why cats sit like this ?

My orange tabby Gus...does this whenever he gets excited.
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I have two cats that lay like this all the time. It just makes me laugh. Apparently they are comfortable this way, either that or just plain weird.
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Except for the lack of a whiter tip to the tail and slightly different white on the paws, Gus looks almost like my Squirt! Wow!
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OMG Sammycat sits like that all the time I just thought he was a weirdo Beautiful cat by the way Gus looks like a mini tiger. All he needs are the black stripes
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Rocky also sits like this sometimes.....I think it's cute!
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He's getting the most surface area possible cooled this way. My cats lay like that when it's hot out. It's a sign that it is time to turn on the airconditioner!
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Toeser lays like that too. He also lays in a really weird way where both his hind feet are under his butt and he's actually on his tippy toes with the bulk of the foot behind him. It makes his butt stick up really high and looks really strange.

Both my kitties also lay normally, but tuck everything under and make their haunches really defined so they look like turkeys laying in a pan. Also, both of them are the same color as a nicely roasted turkey so it's really obvious. When they do that we call them "Turkey Butt"!

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awww how cute!!
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I agree with Sue, especially laying on the tile like that. He's cooling himself off.

Cute pic, though. He looks like a rug! LOL A very CUTE rug, though.
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lol that's cute.
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That picture is hilarious... Gus looks like he's "Chillin'" -

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Spike likes to lie like that when he's on top of the couch so he can straddle it.
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LOL it looks so funny!
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Wow! That's a cute picture!

My Holly ( see sig ) & my soph always sit like this!

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I know with dogs, that's something puppies do often, and they've called it the "flying frog"! Most dogs outgrow it, but some don't. It's sooo cute!!
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