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Vet thinks it was FIP or liver problems caused by ticks

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Well i keep asking what fip was and now i guess I kind of know. The vet says he thinks some one owned her, found out she was sick and dumped her. Even possible dumped her there because everyone knows my hubby is taking in all the strays. I just feel bad because when she first starting eating less I should have rushed her to the er. I just didn't know her well enough to know her normally behavior. I thought she was in a new place and nervous. I Did taker her to the vet as soon as we got her and I DID try to get here a vet appointment on monday but all the vets in vineland were booked up. She had one coming up next thrusday anyway.

Signs I didn't take seriously enough:
decrease eating and drinking
peed on the bed
and I should have paid more attention to her gum color.

I check her gums when we first got her and they looked fine. But I should have kept getting her.

Her urine was very very dark when we had her at the vet yeasterday and her skin had a yellow tinge so he is pretty sure it was liver failer, the er vet was worried about that the night before.

Moe and neo were in worse shape when we found them and I manged to nurse them back with out knowing anything about cats. I guess I was alittle to cocky. I "know" it's not my fault, but I just keeping thing what if I would have taken her to the ER when we first found her because of those ticks??? I should have, I really really shouldn't have thought I could trust some vet I had never been to before.

So this has taught be a vauble lesson, when in doubt get a second opion. If I would have taken her to the er the first weekend it might have cost me $500 but I might still have her. now with all these small visit I'm over that and I still failed Or it is alway possible she was too far gone when we found her.
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Hello, I'd like to say I'm sorry again about your kitty. I went through the very exact thing with my daughters kitten just after Christmas. I too for weeks wondered if there was anything else we could have done, etc. and now looking back I realize there was nothing more that we could have done for him. He was only 6 months old and they told us he either had FIP or Hemobartonella. We gave him IV's at home, Numerous medications, blood transfusion, syringe feedings, and I cooked him chicken and took to the vet because when he first got sick thats all he would eat and with an ER vet and my vet working with him he just couldnt make it. He went down hill so fast. You did the best for her. I just really feel what you are going through, since it sounds so much like Chips story. They found out later that it was FIP in his case through an exam after he passed away, his liver was affected too. It really doesnt seem fair I know, to have one taken from you like that when you care so much. Just wanted to let you know again that I'm sorry.
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Thank you. I'm so sorry you had to go through this also it is so hard to lose such a young cat. Atleast she isn't in pain any more. I was really thinking about telling hubby to have her put to sleep yesterday afternoon because when ever I touched her she would cry and i just felt she was in too much pain and not showing any important. She passed on her own before I got a chance to ask him if he felt the same way i did. He keeps saying she will come back to us some day, and I'm sure she will, I just hope she relizes that we were trying to help her. I know she was so scared at the vets office
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Val, you tried to help her when nobody else did, so don't torture yourself with, "I should have....". FIP is fatal; there is nothing you could have done. You saved her from dying alone out on the street. I do believe that pets come back to us; someday you're going to see a little black kitten and think, "That's my cat!" I'm really sorry she didn't make it.
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I think she knew. Even when they are scared, they know that we love them. Again, my sympathy is with you. She was a very lucky cat in that if the first owner dumped her out of irresponsibility and no compassion, she ended up dying with more compassion and love then many cats ever will know. They may be terrified at the vet's office, but they know that we are here for them when we pet them and talk to them. They know when we are angry and sad, and they too know that we want the best for them. I honestly believe that Isadora will be back one day for you and don't beat yourself up for this. Think of it this way, even if you took her to the ER that first night and they found out that she had a terminal illness how would you have react? No matter how much you loved her, she would have been able to sense the sadness in your voice, see the sadness in your eyes. Instead she lived her final weeks seeing a person filled with such hope and joy and most likely she fed off it and loved every minute of it. True, it makes it a lot harder to handle what we can not prepare for, but it also made it a lot easier for them to live what they had left. Perhaps it could have been something that might have been treatable, but instead of living in additional discomfort with what she was suffering she lived as comfortably as she could.

And in a way you've taught those of us who've never dealt with these type of things something. Now the next kitten that you find will have additional steps to check on her or his health, but also the next kitten myself or any of us who is new to having cats also know the warning signs and what should be done. I give you my warmest thoughts and prayers, and I thank you for being so compassionate for taking something that lovely into your life and being able to share your experiance with us. **hugs**
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I know you did your best. I wish there was a cure for FIP as it is a terrible illness. I know the pain you are going through. I wish I was there for you. We could cry on each others shoulders and then remember them for their goodness and sweetness.
You are a good person and could not have done more. I feel that we all need to know that our babies are in a better place and out of pain. Don't let this keep you from helping and loving the babies that come your way. You are meant to do this and are doing it well. Thank you for being there when they need you.
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it would be nice if you were closer. I would come over and try to help you save your little ones I sure hope the rest are okay.
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