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My cat family (lots of pics)

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Here's a series of pics of all my cats. They're in order from oldest to newest. Look how the kittens have grown. (I split this into several posts due to so many pics)

The kittens at 9 days old

at 18 days old

at just under a month old with Pancake


Baby Boy is curious

Shadow with the kittens

Spaz with the kittens

Shadow and Ash

just over a month old

Shadow, Spaz and the kittens

Arlene with our dog Tessa

I think this is Arlene

weened kittens


the kittens at 3 months old

Nermal watching the kids
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Bogart 3 1/2 months

Shadow and Spaz


Arlene and Spaz

Arlene 4 months old

Princess 4 months old

Princess again

Spaz and Princess

Pancake sleeping

Spaz, Shadow and Arlene

Popeye 4 months old

Bogart and Princess

laundry time

Princess and Arlene

Princess and Bogart again
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Spaz and Baby Boy



Arlene using Ash as a pillow

feeding time


Shadow with Arlene

Popeye, Bogart, Princess

this time Arlene uses Baby Boy as a pillow

normally they aren't allowed on the counter

pile of kitties

and again

this one was taken today

and finally this kitty who has been sitting outside my window for the last 5 days, he comes up and talks to my cats. Not sure if he's abandoned or feral. I gave him some food yesterday, he wouldn't come to close to me but no aggression. He's seems very friendly though.
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what a lovely cat family you got there

Bogart is gorgeous

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Oh my, too much cuteness for one household!!!
How many kitties do you have?
Also, are you keeping all the kittens?
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They are all beautiful, but Nermal is extra sweet looking
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Oh what a big happy family!! They are all so cute Princess is especially beautiful, she looks so exotic to me, like a serval or some sort of wild breed of kitties with these big ears!
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Oh my goodness. What a bundle of absolute cuteness you have there. I tried to pick a favorite picture, but I couldn't because I like them all. Pancake especially captures my heart, though. Keep posting!
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Awwww they just love to be close to each other, and that's so lovely
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Pancake is Oreo Cookie Monsters sister.
You know I would be taking a kitten if I was not getting another sphynx.
Maybe I will get to see all the cats in sept.
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They are all just adorable, but Bogart is a little heartbreaker. He is just too cute for words.
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Thanks everyone. They can certainly be a handful at times.
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Good thing I don't know where you live, cause I would come and take Bogart home with me!
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Popeye got a bath today. He got in the garbage and made a big mess. He was a little upset with me.

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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
Good thing I don't know where you live, cause I would come and take Bogart home with me!
We've got about 4 little Bogarts at the animal shelter right now. Want me to ship you a couple?
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This Bogart is named after my Bogart.
He was almost the same color as him.
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