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The Orange Presence

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One of my cats Bailey has decided that his only desire in life is to grab my attention. When I get a phone call, he will leap up on the top of the chair, lay down on his back and gently wrap his paws around the receiver knocking it to the floor! When I pick it up and apologize to the person whose ear just rattled, he does it again! If I shout one scream of displeasure, the person on the other end usually laughs sympathetically and says "you must have kids!" If they know me they laugh unsympathetically and say "Which cat did that to you Mary Anne?"

If I am on the computer, Bailey is down at my feet meowing. When I ignore him, he hops up on the scanner, walks across the keyboard, blocks the monitor looking at me like he wants something. This is the cat who used to choose a hay bale over my lap. Now he has to wrap himself around me. Right now he is on the top of my computer chair playing with my hair! LOL

I've taken him to the vet. Who said Bailey is fine. I even asked for blood panels fearing this affection turn-about was an indication he was sick. The vet just laughed and laughed when I shared with him all this goofy orange kitty has been doing lately.

Ahh- life at the farm- isn't it grand!
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I bet he's a really love bug
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Awwwww...Maryanne!! Bailey sounds too cute...
He know's not that he know's not....must be love!

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Don't you know that orange kitties have the best personalities? I have had that mentioned to me more than once.
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Awww, what a sweetie. This how Buddy acts, with Bill.
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AAWWWWW!! How sweet. Can we get a pic of Bailey? I just love orange kitties. I don't have one right now, and if I don't get my orange kitty fix, I may have to resort to drastic measures, like walking around in the heat until one follows me home.
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Here you go, I only have kitten pictures though- he is a lot older now
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Too Cute! What a ham sitting on top of the puter
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Oh, M.A., your Bailey sounds like a riot! it is in fact funny that you thought this affection-attack is a health issue... I guess I would have thought the same!!!!

I join in on the requests for PICTURES!!!
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LOL! What's so great about it, is that as annoying or frustrating as it can be, it so hard to deny it because they are just being completely sweet loooove bugs.

I think my Sebastian might have some 'orange' kitty in his blood. Every now and then he'll get the love bug syndrome as well.
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He is so cute! I love orange kittys, I have one and he does the strangest things, and he is more curious than the others about things. I'm always thinking he is going to get hurt being so curious and he did. My husband accidentally ran over his tail when he ran for the car when he was backing the car off the lawn. Luckily he will be ok though, the vet says! I'm always worrying about what he will get into.
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That is just too cute! : It also gives me hope that one day, Spike WILL become a lapcat!
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I think all of Bailey's "orangeness" came through at once in one huge dose of sweetness and love!

Sounds like you've got all the affection you can handle!
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