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Kitten - very soft fæces

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Blitz' fæces were very soft the first 2 days we had him... not diarrhea, but just... soft... the consistency of soft-serve. It also smelled very bad.

Today, he went, and it was even softer... JUST before the line that I'd call diarrhea. He also had the pleasantness of accidentally stepping in it -- cleaning him was fun.

He just had his second vet checkup today and they said he seemed fine but to bring in a sample which I will tomorrow... he eats Purina Kitten Chow, though I'm going to give him some wet food to help him with this mixed with kitten chow.

What's wrong with our little boy?
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Is this the same food he was eating before you got him?
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Yes, the breeder fed him Purina Kitten Chow. He also seems very happy with us... when strangers see him, he immediately comes to us, and sometimes will climb up and wrap around our necks for protection. The color of his last stool was a light brown bordering to yellow, which makes me think maybe coccidosis... which, given the stress of a new home...

I'll bring it to the vet tomorrow if at all possible. He also was crying when he was in the litter box, but he tends to meow all the time, but they were drawn out, as though he were upset.
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The best thing you can do is to have a thorough vet exam. You mentioned he is from a breeder, did you get any papers of medical history? How old is he? If you did adopt him from a reputable breeder or shelter, he should have had his first round of vaccinations, ay the very least....
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He's had his first round of vaccines and his first exam, and he got his second exam today and the vet said he seemed to be in perfect shape though she did not do a stool sample.
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Turns out that he has Cocciditis.... gonna get his meds tomorrow. His stool has hardened though, and is normal, and he seems calmer and happier.
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Oh, I bet you feel better - and good wishes that you all continue to feel better! Blitz sounds like a real cutie!
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Ughh, he will NOT take his meds. If I scruff him, he doesn't resist until I try putting something by his mouth... he will NOT let me. If I burrito him in a blanket, he just struggles out. He's very strong willed.

I ended up putting a little more than his dose into some warmed-up wet food, and letting him eat it. He could tell it wasn't 'right' but he was hungry. From now on, I will deny him food for 2-3 hours before his meds so that he is hungry enough to eat it.
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