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So why am I still buying plants??

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So last Friday I picked up two stellar geraniums, a cool ornamental oregano and a monarda (bee balm) in a color I didn't have.

Then Wednesday I went on a fall plant tour to my wholesale greenhouse (some cool rudbeckia's !) I got 24 FREE plants - a mix of hostas/daylilies of my choosing. So 6 hostas and 18 daylilies.

But was that enough??? Noooooo It was 35% off wholesale full flats (6 plants)
So I bought two flats!! (But it was only $45!!) A $108 retail value!!

Then today I had made earlier arrangements to go with a SIL to a specialty daylily place they have about 350 varieties for sale. I guess all the free ones weren't enough!

Got nine more One was $50!! YIKES. But I split that one with my SIL and two (valued at $35) were free. And a bag of free composted horse manure. But two of these are for a client. Oh and I bought two and got one free at this place about 2 weeks ago.

Gorgeous seeing there 1000 plus daylilies blooming though.

And this is not counting the 12-15 other plants I haven't planted yet either.

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Poor Gail

Repeat after me, My name is Gail and I have a plant addiction.
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Face it, Gail. You're a plant hoarder.
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I have a solution you could send 'em to me. I'd be willing to do that for you because that's the kind of person I am!
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You're still buying plants as a public service. They create oxygen, and we need you and your plants to counter the effects of pollution. There, what better excuse do you need? Thanks for the added oxygen, BTW, I thought I was breathing a bit better the last day or two!
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i havent gotten to the plant stage yet!!! nearly time to start my veggie patch though!!
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Allright I was in the Chicago area at the Kane County Flea market and yep the first items purchased-three plants (but I didn't have these.....really!!)

Done for now...must plant before more are purchased next month!
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Man, do I ever sympathize.
If it makes you feel any better, I just finished adding a new garden today to house my addiction to specialty daylilies.
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Check out my topic on Wild Roses.
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mmm day lillies!! I'm so jealous of your greenhouse tour! We have the lovely wild orange variety growing all along the roads, all along the roads except for in front of MY house! I'm insanely jealous of all those people too (and will one day get up the nerve to go steal some day lillies in the middle of the night ).

Actually I really think now is the best time of year to purchase new plants, you don't get the instant gratification you get in spring but the sales are too good to pass up! Canadian Tire has $80 cedars for $20! :O

I just added some new hostas, raspberries, and I'm going to grab a new shrub for the front of the house (have to find something I like) and the 99c strawberry plants from the nursery for next year .
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Just a warning the "ditch lilies" as they are called around here can harbor a virus that can affect the real day lilies in ones yard.

Lots of sales is right some plants just need extra TLC.

I did get about 1/3 of them planted so far!!
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