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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Maybe we should let the government buy them a new car?
Surrrrre, let's let the government own our cars and our houses...and our pets too! Yeahhh.....that's the ticket!!!!!
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And this same government wants us to buy into their control over all the health care that we currently are in? They want to shove the Health Care bill down our throats and take over complete control - but insist on telling lies to the public that you can "keep" your health care plan?

USA better wake up - the government can't even run a simple program of car rebates and you are gonna trust them to run your health care program in the future?
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My son's best friend is a car salesman, his company has sold like 60 cars on the "Cash for Clunkers" program, they have yet to receive a Penny from the government.
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This is a brand new program and just like starting a brand new business it takes time to get off the ground--common sense. Snail mail IRS filing/checks still take awhile, but you do get your check.

BTW, business is so good that GM announced today that it is RE-hiring 1300 North American auto workers. That is excellent news for them, their families and the economy.
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Yes, this measure stimulated the new car market. However, the dealers have yet to receive their promised rebates - promised within 10 days! Realistically these dealers have built the rebates into their pricing, so they can say they are giving the rebate all the while knowing that they have a slimy way of juggling numbers, kind of like a shell game.

But since I'm still not sure the CFC program is actually helping in the long run, considering it is causing used car prices to rise, and there may be a glut of scrap metal on the market, adversly affecting the economy in ways not considered. Bottom line is I don't trust that any contrived program will miraculously heal our broken system.
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