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Not my day! (long)

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Please let me indulge in some self-pity here. The first few hours of my day were fine. We went to Brunch and while we were there my sister told me that my brother had taken back his invitation to me to visit him and his wife in Lexington, Ky in September. I have no idea why. We went to Calabash to a Dress Shop and I tripped at the threshold and fell in front of a bunch of people. Only my dignity was hurt. And at least there I got a cute Cat Sleep Shirt, a cute cat book, and four nice bracelets for four dollars each. Then we went to our favorite Dress Shop in Sunset Beach, Mom and my sister found something, but the wallet I found was too expensive, and the shoes I found were too expensive. I was hoping we were going to have a meal at Calabash but Mom decided she didn't want to. So we stopped at a FARMER'S MARKET and got stuff for a vegetable supper who guess who? cooked. Whoopee! (NOT)! When we got home I saw a friend of mine and called out and I know he heard me but he completely ignored me. I decided while I was cooking supper I wanted a bottle of Grape Flavored water which I promptly spilled after opening. One of the things we were GOING to have was corn on the cob I salted and boiled the water and FORGOT to put the corn in, I fixed tomatoes and cucumbers, the cukes were OK, but the tomatoes were awful, and I couldn't remember if I put salt and pepper in the squash and Zucchini so I ended up over salting and peppering them. On top of that , while I was feeding the cats, I accidently stepped on Gracie's tail and she refuses to come near me. (sigh)!
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sounds like you should call it an early night before anything else happens! Tomorrow's a new day though and I think you've used up your accident allowance for at least a week
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You just gotta love those occasionaly days from hell...I agree with katiemae1277 your best bet is to head off to bed early, get a good nights sleep and everything will most likely have a better perspective in the morning...

Lot's of I hope you have a better day tomorrow vibes on their way.....

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I'm sorry you've had such a bad day; at least it's almost over!
I do hope tomorrow is better for you.
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I'm with you. Not my day either.

I accidentally put my car into neutral instead of park in a parking garage that is on a slight incline. Have no idea why. When I got out, it rolled backwards with the door open and the door got ruined by smashing into a structural pillar. $3,000+ worth of damage according to the body shop.

I can't believe I did that.
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Hoping everyones tomorrow is better!
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a few weeks ago I was pulling into the parking lot of a small store to get some lottery tickets.....a black truck was backing out at the same time. he backs out right into the street facing the wrong way and just stops....I'm thinking what an idiot.....then I realized no one was in it. LOL. The guy had gone into the store and left the truck in neutral. Thankfully it didn't hit my car or anyone elses.
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May tomorrow be better.
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