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"Putty in their paws..."

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This article mentions a couple of studies that show how cats have manipulated us into spoiling them rotten. I doubt any of us find this hard to believe.

I became a cat person because of a stray (Skitters) who adopted me many, many year ago. She moved right on in and took over the household.

Now my three little darlings rule the roost.

What little things do your cats do to get their way?
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What dont they do ??!!! Tabitha and Daisy have some sort of built in food clock!! When it's time for thier breakfast i have Daisy waking me up by purring right in my ear,tapping my face with her paw. When i wake up all i can see is black becuse her wet nose is touching mine! If i don't get up straight away both of them start playing it up and doing naughty things. At dinner time, Tabitha will sit and stare at me and does not look away it's really annoying! So i have to get up. Usually they start all this just before it's time for food and i try my hardest to to say " It's not time yet" but i always give in !!
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Kizzy knows, if he flops, he'll get a belly rub.

No matter how far away.... he has me trained. I hear the thud, and I'm over rubbing his belly LOL.
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What a great article! Still more proof that cats (and dogs too!) WANTED to be those who declare that our pets are enslaved and want to "run free", I say ! We are their slaves and they love it, and I personally wouldn't have it any other way either! Thanks for sharing this article!!!
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Xander is very easygoing and patient and never gets in a rush for anything. However, Riley has me so well trained that he really doesn't even have to try anymore to get what he wants, its all automatic!
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Miss kitty raises her right paw up against her chest when she's upset combined with the head-tip it's too cute!!! She used to do it tons when we first got her but I havn't seen her do it in quite awhile until I kinda closed her in the door the other day (I didn't see her!!!). She ran into the dining room, turned around, sat and gave me the cute face with the raised paw "I'm sorry! What did I do!?" Poor gal!

M.K. also comes when called with a little "meow, meow!" from us she's running home calling back, Tasha is even starting to pick up on that one now!! I'm sure the neighbours think I'm nuts going out at night and meowing at my cat if she's late for dinner!
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This morning Jordan was trying his hardest to keep me home from work. It never works completely, but I have to admit to being delayed while leaving for work. He is so darn cute when he rolls around on his back & gets all goofy. This morning I tried to pull away & he grabbed my hand with his paws & rubbed his face on it. I did not want to leave, but I had to.
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Charlie will play fetch by bringing me his favorite toys and dropping them at my feet while I'm working, then rubbing himself across my legs and, if I still don't get the point, meowing at me and batting the toy my direction with his cute little "Come on, mom!" look. He's taught this to Ramsey and now we have to double up on toys when it comes time to play fetch.

Albert knows that if he jumps up on my super-crowded-could-fall-at-any-minute scrapbooking table, that he'll get picked up and can, from there, cute his way into some snuggles and treats.

Cleo knows that if she sits at Daddy's feet and gives her cute little meow, he'll pull up his pant leg for her to sharpen her claws on his shoes.

Ramsey also knows that if he attacks Cleo, I'll get the laser pointer out to distract him, which is his favorite toy and ultimate obsession.
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as flash grows up shes getting more and more chatty, she has this nak of telling me Blaine is nearly home, she loves her dad so shes telling me to go unlock the door for him
Sooty is the single most loving cat you could come across if he wants something he will lie down and turn himself upside down (like in my sig) for his belly to be tickled and will stay like that for hours if i could if hes hungry he will jump up beside me and nudge my chin
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