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Dio Earth

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How much do I feed a small kitten for parasites (4 months)?

I did find an edible one although I had to go too four different stores and endure allot of raised eyebrows .
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Here is a page complete with dose chart.
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Thank you!!

I think they got enough on them to lick off for their first dose anyway
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You know this is something that I am moving closer and closer to. I have tried some of the less expensive flea products for the cats and every one leaves a bald patch on Ping after 1-2 uses. That and they never seem to be effective. I really can not afford $50 a month for the more expensive drops plus I honestly think the same thing will happen to Ping with those.

I have tried putting other powders on the floor to kill the ones that have gotten into the house and they don't work.

I know there is a mill in town that sales DE food grade. I have read info on this before but before I get it let me ask again:

I can dust them, the house and the yard with this as long as it is food grade with no issues, right? I can feed them 1/2 a tsp or a 2-3 weeks to kill the parasites that I am sure they have gotten from the fleas.

The cats are inside only so I know that they are getting them from outside.
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