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O m g !!!!!!

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I have just checked my emails and ive had two emails from ITV's You've Been Framed !! I sent in a video of Daisy and her santa's hat a while ago, and they have selected it to go on thier web site!!!!!!!!!! Daisy semi famous for being a loone!!!! Theres a possibility that the video may get on the Tv show too !!!! I have posted it on here quite a while ago but if anyone's interested ( i dont know how to put a link to it im still quite new to all this ) But is at

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Congratulations Daisy! That's a very cute video.
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My computer apparently doesn't like the format on that site. I couldn't play the video.
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What a cute video! Congratulations!
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I remember that video. Congratulations!
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awwwwww!.. what lovely looks Daisy!...
you put right the link my friend!...
It seems Daisy is a mischief kitty!...
congratulations!......... way to go girl!..
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Adorable! My Ramsey does the same thing- except with loaves of bread.
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