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Hmm... things are going slow today huh..
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Its Friday night.. most people are out.. doing stuff or something

I just got home from Salsa Dancing
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People .. go.. out? LOL!!! I almost forgot.. so tomorrow is gonna be slow too? ( too bad I dont have a boyfriend.. LOL!!)
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Well, it's Saturday morning here, and things are probably going to be slow today too!!

My determination to chill is really trying hard to wane

I've got a party tonight for a friend's birthday, but I don't know if I can leave Misty, last night I was meant to be at the pictures with my boyfried and a couple of friends, but I just couldn't leave her, and I slept night 3 in with her, my boyfriend isn't ecstatic about this believe you me, he loves her but he thinks I'm over the top.

If this continues I'm going to be a social pariah!
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Oh and Crystal hun,

you wait until the kittens are born and then go man-hunting, you'll be glowing soooo much from the happiness that all the blokes are going to be all OVER you!
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Saturday afternoon here...and after typing up my new CV I don't have much to do. Though thinking about going out tonight.
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Yeah I wouldnt be able to leave my princey-kins in her time of need.. LOL Probably your ( and mine I was supposed to go somewhere today tomorrow and the day after.. ) luck your baby would have the kittens when you were gone! I dont wanna leave my princey.. LOL
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