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Birds and beak fleas

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Now Im writing about something I dont know anything about - but yet, I do have an useful tip. If somebody recognizes what Im talking about - please correct or confirm.

It seems domestic birds can have sometimes a sort of fleas on their beak. Yes?

Possibly my wife misunderstood something, and the fleas wasnt on the beaks but in the feathers; but the birds did spread the protecting grease ointment into the feathers with help of their beaks.

The usual is to set a remedy ointment on the beaks. Bought for big money.

My wife talking the other day with a neighbour girl, who is very fond of pets, having birds; quaills, a couple of mini-hens, some parrots, etc.
She uses common vaseline (petroleum jelly). Much cheaper than the official remedy. Apparently it works quite well for her and the birds of hers.

Please confirm/correct about these fleas, and the use of ointment remedy...
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Yes birds can have a variety of problems on their faces, beaks and ceres. Sorry for a late reply but I just joined today... I would forward you with confidence to birdboard.com (I hope this isn't solicitation) for future problems... but I would like to remind you that this is not the same as taking your bird to the avian veternarian!!! birdboard is similar to this site but specializes in our domesticated feathered friends! Anyway, hope your birdie is doing well and good luck!!

{Also if your curious about the comparison it is important to list the chemical name of the ointment}
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