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Cats and Dogs

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I had 2 cats unfortunately 1 has been run over (rip chuck) i feel really sorry for his brother and hope he doesnt get too upset from not having a mate. I have a dillema i dont want him to be alone but i (sorry to say) cant see me getting another cat the reason is that it would feel like just replacing chuck with another cat which i dont think is right, so i am considering getting a dog its only a thought at the monment and i would like some input and advise on how to introduce another pet into the house or someone telling me its a big no no, i have been giving my other cat baby (dont ask) a lot more attention to make him feel better. please be aware that if another animal in the house would make baby feel threatned i would not even think about it plaese inform me on this matter
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Cats and dogs living in the same household are often good friends. Or at the least, ignore each other. If they are hostile, it is rather because of individual reasons, NOT being of different sorts. (The old saying: "being as cats and dogs" means hostile to each other. but this is in practice a myth!)

It will be easier if you see to it the cat is higher in status. Which is btw almost as when you take in a new cat... The dogs, very conscious about status ladder, and group-oriented, will copy: the cat belongs to the group, thus no big problem.

If you still worry, safeguard the outcome by the new dog / puppy is used to be around cats, and is friendly with them.

So, you and your remining cat cant lose, but with any luck, you both can a new friend.
(And perhaps another cat with time, too! )

Good luck!
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thanks for your advise i think if we get another cat it will be a long way down the line gotta get ova this little fella not even mad it to 1, you gotta understand my reasons after having a cat ran over, another reason is that you cant keep a good eye on a cat when they go out on there own , but a dog you have on a lead and they r safe, what age do cats reach there adult size by the way
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Yes if the cat is allowed to roam free outside it lives a dangerous life. I live in a little quiet town. It seems to be perfect for cats. And yet our neighbours did lost one each cat to the railway going nearby. At least on of the cats was VERY cautious, running home when the train came.
But when the express train come, it is probably too fast for them....

Thus, go with lash with the cat too. Or make it a fenced garden. Otherwise, if you dont want to lose them, best way is to have them as indoors cats.

About 1 year is usually counted as grown up. But they can mature into 2 years too... Depends some on breed / individual too.
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i dont really agree with making a cat so that he or she cant go out of the house im not trying to cause an argument but in my opinion they need freedom, having said that if my kitty wasnt allowed out he would still be alive now not sure how happy he would be though
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Originally Posted by matthewh View Post
in my opinion they need freedom, having said that if my kitty wasnt allowed out he would still be alive now not sure how happy he would be though

Yes, it is a dilemma.
It is also the reason why many do buys purebreed cats. Not necessarily because they think they are finer then moggies nor do have anything against moggies - but simply to safeguard they would be happy with living as indoors cats.
So was also my belief once upon a time.

Although being active on several cat forums I had met many many forumists who have moggies being happy living as pure indoor cats.
Among them are also many ex homeless.
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you make a good point, it is a dilema and a hard 1 to choose the safety of your car or the enjoyment and fulfillment maybe it can be seen as a bit of a gamble. little chuck paid the price on the other hand i like to think that he enjoyed his short life and im proud of him for being such a star he was learning every day and living his life i hope hes somewhere safe now
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From experience it is easier to introduce a cat to dogs but it does work the other way around but gets harder the older the cat is. I'd say they could be best of friends if the cat is younger than 2. Now over the age of 2 cats are completely stuck in there ways and after some small aggression towards the dog they will probably tolerate each other but not become friends no matter how much the dog wants to be. Also get a small breed dog as a large breed the cat may feel threatened as they could perceive the large dog as more of a threat rather than a new household member but with any new introductions cat or dog the cat will show some aggression towards the new member since it was the first there.
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