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Daily Thread TGIF July 31st!

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Morning peeps!

Welp, it's Friday and payday! We are ordered our new bed today, and Josh is looking to get a laptop for school. They have ome cheap ones at Walmart so he is going to look after he orders the bed this morning. Then he is meeting his sister to go to the cottage overnight without me It will be the first night we spend apart. I don't like it!

There was one day of sun yesterday, today its cloudy and rainy again.

The new place is better than I does have storage space and ceiling fans!! I will be there tonight cleaning the place and stuff...can't wait! We bought new mops and brooms..

Anyway, better go get my day started!
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Mornin Cat Peeps.

It's shaping up to be another nice one today.....

It should be a good weekend

Kendra is off to cadet camp bright and early Sunday morning, for 2wks I'm gonna miss her...... but it does give me one on one time with Kayleigh so on the days I can, I plan on trying to do some summery activities.

It should be a nice day today
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My Mom's 88th Birthday is tomorrow and we're going to start celebrating a day early. We're going to go to Brunch, then we're driving to our favorite Dress Shop and then we might stop and eat at Calabash. Not sure what we're doing tomorrow for her actual Birthday.
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oh thank God it's Friday alright! Not looking forward to next week- crazy busy! At least I have 4 days off to rest!
Going to a friend's cottage this holiday weekend, awesome! And even more amazing, the forecast is sunny!! I'll believe it when I see it though.
Have a god one everybody!
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Good morning nice start to the day but its slowly clouding up and rain this afternoon. Not much planned for today. Going to mop the floors soon and thats about it.
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Morning everyone!

I woke up to rain here in Vermont. Ew, I didn't think it was supposed to rain the rest of the week. Oh well, I think the weekend is supposed to be nice.

Going up to Burlington to look at bridesmaid dresses with my MOH and one of my bridesmaids that lives up there. I'm so excited. I have done a bunch of browsing to see what I like, so we know what to have them try on while we're up there. Also go my mock ups of my save the date cards and table numbers done yesterday while my friend was working on her homework.

Maybe watching Twilight tonight. I know we want to go to the movies to see The Ugly Truth, but we might do that tomorrow.

Have a good one everyone!
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Morning All!!

Very nice day here today, sunny and about 24C which is perfect in my book.

Heading off shortly to run a couple of errands, I need to pick up kitty litter, go the the farmer's market and run a couple of books back to the library.

Then this afternoon I think I will just sit on the deck for awhile and enjoy the day.

The kitties are good, window watching right now.

Everyone have a great day.
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Morning... Yay Friday!

I just noticed almost always I am the one to post after tierre0! I don't know if the order of other people here is often the same (besides Trout's Mom who always starts this!)... Weird! Hope you don't mind me being your shadow of sorts, tierre0!

My bosses are gone since yesterday mid-morning for a blues-beer fest up in Mammoth Mountain so it'll be a slow quiet day for me. I need to try to stay focused and get some work done, it's hard to keep myself motivated though when no one else is around! I goof off too much like I am right now. At some point today though I'm going to brave the masses and do some shopping at Costco, both for the office and for myself.

OK coffee should be brewed by now so i'm off for a cup. I might be bad and sneak out for a bagel too. Maybe. Have a great day everyone!!
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OK now that i go back and look, maybe it was only yesterday and today that i posted right after tierre0... But hey, if you count just the last 3 days, then it's still almost always!!
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Good morning!! Im in line at starbucks. Went to the barn, eye dr. appointment at 11 then shopping and maybe go see a movie tonight. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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