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Pamuk wakes up at 05:00 am every morning

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my cat wakes up early and he wakes me up to meow meow what can i do?
please help us
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It depends.... do you think he is asking for food?
You have a few options: Option one is to ignore the cries completely - eventually he is going to see that his cries are not the way to get your attention and hopefully stop the crying.
Putting her on a feeding schedule is also good - stick with a routine, whatever time you think it is better...
You can also just wake up and tend to whatever his need is, and go back to bed.
If you really really want to get rid of this behavior, I would strongly advise option #1.
Good luck!
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thanks for your suggestions. i will try option 1. but it will be very hard for me, i can't sleep a few days.
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A lot of cats are awake and begging for their breakfast when the sun comes up. The best solution I've found is a relatively inexpensive, battery-operated automatic feeder set to open at 5 a.m..
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This is not an uncommon behaviour in cats...

Cats are nocturnal and want to play usually when we are sleeping. As soon as they see us come out of our deep sleep they jump on the chance for some human interaction. Is your cat young? Many cats grow out of this. Mine used to run around and chase eachother at all hours of the night and morning. But now they both go to bed with me when I go to bed. As soon as Bishop sees me come out of my deep sleep he is rubbing up against me and purring. We do have a routine feeding schedule but I think alot of it is that he wants my attention. He sometimes (not very often anymore) would paw at the blinds or throw things off of the dresser to get my attention. I love waking up to my two kitties though.

Sometimes when Bishop does start to rub up against me purring I give him a bit of attention and then roll over and try to fall back asleep. Once I feed them then they leave me alone.
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Every day I wake up to my cat's face in my face, meowing, purring, and even touching me in the face with a soft paw.

I can tell when my cat is just solicting for attention & when he's hungry - he meows when hungry, and purrs and cuddles when he just wants a pet....

I just get up and feed him and get back to bed (or stay up - luckily I'm a morning person) ... but if this is bothering to you, an automatic feeder might be a good idea for you.
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