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Hi to everyone. I am new to this site. I am cat crazy and love everything about cats. I do volunteer work with A.W.A. which is Animal Welfare of Warren County. I take all the pets pictures for internet posting and do all of their computer, and printing work. My husband and I share our home with 8 rescued cats. We started our family with registered Maine coons, but over the years we have gotten more and more involved with homeless cats. We sadly have lost our maine coons to old age. It is the greatest joy to give a homeless/stray cat a forever home.
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Welcome 8cats!
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Welcome to the Cat Site! It's so great that you do volunteer work to help homeless cats -- you're quite the kitty angel!
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Trying to post pictures of my kids past and present.

Shortcake is one of Momma's Kittens. She is round and orange.

Our oldest girl. Our diabetic.

Gabby is gone but not forgotten.

Momma is gone but not forgotten.

Our youngest boy. Trouble maker of the group.

Our playful one. She is spring loaded.

MY maine coons. Gone but not forgotten.

Our oldest boy. Very shy, but loves his belly rubs.

She sparkles all the time.

Our crabby kitty. She is a non stop talker.

Our tigress! Also our smallest.
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Welcome 8cats! You have a very cute zoo there! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Hi and Welcome!!!! I just know you are going to love it here. Great cats by the way
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Welcome 8cats! Every single one of your kitties are just beautiful! I'm originally from Michigan, moved to Utah 5 years ago. I believe there is a Troy in Warren County Michigan too! I lived in a northern city named Traverse City (Mich). It's a beautiful place but it's hard to make a living there. The main industry is tourism. I currently have 1 cat. A Persian named Peaches. We're hoping to find a sister for her soon!

Tammie & Peaches
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Welcome to the site! What a bunch of beautiful kitties.

Hope you enjoy your time here!
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I too welcome you to a great place! I love that mark of color on orange Shortcake's nose! Quite striking!
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Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing the pictures! Such cute kitties!
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You have beautiful cats!
Love your black and white male and female! They are really sweet. But it doesn't mean that the other are worth - not a bit! They all are lovely!
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Hi!!!! WELCOME!!!
Welcome to the boards hope to see ya arround more 8cats!
Greetings Simba Mom! :kitty5:
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I myself am a new member and had tears in my eyes looking at all your kitty pictures. They are all so beautiful. Keep up the good work!

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Beautiful cats, you are for sure a kitty angel. I also noticed that you are from Troy. I grew up in St. Louis. Now, I live in Kansas City. Welcome fellow Missourian! Happy posting!

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I grew up in St. Louis in Hazelwood. We moved out to the "country" when I was a teenager. I loved being away from the city. We had horses, dogs, cats, and cattle. After I married I moved to Troy. We live in town and only have cats now. I do miss the horses, but maybe someday we will move to a more rural area and have them again.
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Welcome to our wacky world of cats! I love the pix! Keep them coming!
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Hello and welcome!

i love animals, and some of my friends say i am crazy over cats as well.. teehee!

Smiles and Cheers!
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welcome and come join in on the fun, this is a wonderful place to come and talk about our fury kids, enjoy
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I the kittys!

Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to TCS! Please stay and enjoy yourself It's a really cool place

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