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My poor cat got ran over (dont read if you get upset)

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My poor little cat was not even 1 he had lived a spoilt life and had all the care and attention that he needed he lived happily with his brother and was affectionate when he wanted to be. Yesterday a neighbour knocked my door and said that they had found a small white and grey cat with a blue collar that had been knocked over, i knew that second that it was my cat, this was about 3 in the afternoon and we had last seen chuck late the night before it wasnt unusual for him to stay out for over 24 hours and a few times he would get accidentally locked in a neighbours shed, everytime he didnt return i would tell my girlfreind not to worry he was probably enjoying himself exploring, and like every other time he would come running back happy as larry to see us

as i walked around to where the dead cat was with my neighbour was, i knew it was chuck before i saw him i was dreading seeing him and tried telling myself that it wasnt going to be him but deep down i knew. Then i saw him and for sure it was him my heart dropped and i didnt know what to do, te neighbour advised me to pick him up with a bin bag so i walked round the lane back to my house and as soon as i was in the house i burst into tears, i never thought this was going to happen to such a small young cat and i had thought that as he had been going out for ages he would have good road sense.

i walked round to my little chuck and there were 2 young girls there looking caringly cat him as i held back my tears i picked him up in a binbag and took him away, i was distraught what a waste.

what made it worse was that my girlfreind then txt me to say was chuck back and if he was had i fed him because our other cat was greedy and would eat all the mornings food so i cried again i didnt wnat to tell her anything until she got home because i wanted to give her a hug as i told her, after many tears between su we decided to bury poor little chucky. i kept telling my girlfreind that he wouldnt know what have not known what hit him and he would not hav suffered but the truth is that i dont know if he did or didnt, as i buried him i noticed that he had quite a lot of damage to his head and mouth im hoping he died and didnt hurt at all, when i got to his body he was stiff and it scarred me a bit questions i need answered are.

will this affect his brother (it doesnt seem to have done)
did he feel any pain
did i do the right thing
and any other things that you might feel important to say

many thanks for reading maybe i just wanted to tell someone the story

p.s we have been treating our other cat with treats and let him sleep in our bed i know we shouldnt but we just wnated to treat him
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I'm very sorry that you lost Chuck, especially at such an early age. There's really no way of knowing whether he felt any pain. Hopefully his death was instantaneous. Animals grieve, too, so it wouldn't be surprising if his brother started looking or waiting for him. Tell him what happened, and give him all the love and attention you can. He may not comprehend your words, but he'll understand your tone of voice.

RIP, Chuck. Play happily across the Rainbow Bridge.
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this is chuck
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I am so sorry for your loss... RIP Chuck
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thank you i tried putting on a pic of chuck but it didnt work properly ill try again, if it does not work i did it using the paperclip on the thread reply is that the propper way as it didnt work properly
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your Chuck R.I.P.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of Your Cat. Rest in Peace Chuck.
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I'm so sorry, Chuck was such a handsome boy

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thank you for the lovely messages i have to say that the pictures dont do him justice, i really miss him already hes only been gone for a day what id give just for one more cuddle
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I am so sorry you lost poor little Chucky. At least he knew more love and caring in his short time with you than most cats know in their whole lives.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of Chucky. You sound like a super person and you did the best you could. Just remember the good times and don't let other thoughts beat you up. Hold your girlfriend, and talk about how wonderful he was. I know that everytime I lose one of my babies that they have decided that I have finished with them and there is another one who needs me more. My old horse just died Sat, and he is resting in one of his best spots, under a tree. We do the best we can and love them the most while they are with us.
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RIP Chuck. I don't have access to his photos, I'd love to see him. PM me the photo, if you feel strong enough.
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Poor Chuck. Sometimes I really hate cars, and the people who drive them too fast.

His brother is young, I'm sure he'll be fine.

No-one can say whether Chuck felt any pain, but if he had a big bang on his head the chances are that he knew nothing about it.

You did everything you could, no-one would've done any different.

I guess some people may think there's something wrong with it, but in our house we've had cats sleeping on our bed for many years!

The pain will ease in time, although you will never forget Chuck.
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Condolences to you all on your tragic loss of a cat so young. Play happily over RB, dear Chuck - run and join our other TCS RB kitties Bless you for being so caring for his brother...BTW, Joey, my Manx, sleeps at my feet and guards my dreams well
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