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Vibe for my mom

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I wonder if I could ask all you wonderful people on TCS to send some vibes for my mom. She has been getting worse and worse and the doctors don't have a diagnosis yet. We have searched the internet for symptoms and think we have come up with another possibility to look at. Right now her main problem is that she is having trouble breathing - it's not lungs or heart, her oxygen is good, but she feels as though she has a band around her rib cage. She can't walk a few steps without gasping for breath.

Anyway, she has an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor, if she can get there, and I would love to get some vibes that they find something that can finally help her. She's 79 years old, and unfortunately the care of her has fallen solely on my sister since I live so far away. And my father is more hurt than help most of time (his way of dealing with stuff is to scream and yell - not helpful at all.)

Anyway, thanks for any kind thoughts sent our way.
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Lots of vibes and prayers coming your Mom's way..

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What have they already ruled out? What is the new possibility you're looking into?
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Good health for your Mom
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Here's a lot of vibes from me as well I'm sending tons of positive energy coming your mom's way!
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Many for your mother!
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Many vibes for a diagnosis and speedy recovery!
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many many vibes for you mom
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Thank you guys, I think they worked, because this doctor seems more on the ball than the other ones.

No diagnosis yet, but he is putting her in the hospital Monday for more tests. Her previous doctor thought it might be gastropareisis, but this doctor says doubtful. We thought, based on symptoms, that it might be inflmation of the cartilege in the rib cage area (something staring with costco... I can't remember), but he says probably not that either.

I'm not even sure what's been ruled out because her regular doctor (who I DON'T like) isn't very good about telling her results of tests. I know they've done an upper GI, checked her heart, checked her oxygen. She's had MRIs, CAT scans, and extensive blood tests. Last year she had a chest XRay, and at one point Endoscopy. She was supposed to go have the test for gastroparesis, but that got postponed, and a good thing because it doesn't sound like that's what it is.

I just hope they can find out what is causing it, because it's just getting worse and worse, and nobody should have to live like she's living now.
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I´m so sorry what happen to your Mom.....
Of course, count with my best wishes to her and my prayers too...
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I'm glad to hear this doctor sounds a bit better. Vibes for a simple, treatable diagnosis.
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for your mom's quick recovery.
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Sending many healthy vibes for your mom.

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