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Please Help Identify My New Cat

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Just adopted this 3 month old kitten from the shelter. We have no idea what kind of cat she can be. The vet said something about being siamese because she "talks" a lot?
Any ideas based on the photos? She is a very blue-ish gray!

Thanks again!

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Your Vet is not doing you any favors by suggesting that she is any of the purebred cats. Nearly every single cat/kitten from a shelter is a moggie or in other words a domestic mix.

Your cute kitten is a Domestic Medium Hair, or DMH for short. She's got nice white boots and a cool little white tip on her nose. You don't need to put a label on her, she's a cat. That says it all.
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She's a cute Domestic medium hair - she could go either way (long/short hair) when grown. May wind up with a short coat with a fluffy looking tail!

Color is Blue & White Bicolor. I dont' see Siamese in her at all.
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Same kind as Jason-- a CAT!!

He's a bit more generic looking than your girl, but as far as anyone is concerned they're your usual Domestic Shorthair Kitty! Breed doesn't matter, and not having a known one doesn't make them any less special, they're just cats!

Oh, and while I'm not an expert, she doesn't seem a bit Siamese to me. While Siamese are often quite vocal, I know many cats who obviously aren't in any way Siamese that are just as loud
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Thanks guys for the honest response...I figured the vet was not too keen on "cat breeds",,thanks again!
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Don't feel bad - most vets don't know breeds of cats unless they have been a breeder of pedigree cats!
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She's aBsoLUTely pRECious is what she is
That's one of my favorite colors. Many years ago I intended to adopt one just like her...little bit more of a blaze on nose though. We chose the name Trevor and were waiting for the shelter to complete the landlord check..when we got it and went back two days later...Trevor was gone We got Greta our former orange kitty instead and she was wonderful. But I still have a soft spot for Blue and white kitties!!!!
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