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Town's being evacuated

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Well, this is fun. My entire town and university are being evacuated because of a chemical fire.

Its not all that serious at the moment, at least where I'm living, and really, I think they're kind of over-reacting...but still. The feral's in her carrier, and the boys are easy to pack up. Just waiting for a place to open up for me and three cats!

Some vibes for the people in my area though, especially the ones who really are in danger from the fumes, would be great!
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Be careful and stay safe
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Oh Pam, that's terrible! I'm glad you're in a fairly safe area - but I'm glad you're going ahead with it anyway.

Many that no one is hurt or will become ill!
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keep safe
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That smoke looks bad...
stay safe.
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Thanks for the vibes guys! The cats and I are home, safe and sound. Since we were in an evacuation area, I pulled them out while it was still relatively safe and sound, rather than stay thinking it was safe and have it become an emergency where I would then have to chase panicked cats around.

They're already reduced the size of the mandatory evacuation area and let most of us come home. But there are still plenty of people stuck away from home tonight, so keep up the vibes for them, please!

Oh, and everyone will like that there is also an animal shelter set up for evacuee's pets. :-)
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I am glad that you and your sweeties are safe at home.
Hopefully there will be no injuries from this accident.
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress View Post

Oh, and everyone will like that there is also an animal shelter set up for evacuee's pets. :-)
Good thinking from someone.

Evacuations are often disasters to animals. Very often animals arent allowed to be evacuated, thus willy-nilly, they must be abandoned.
Kathrine was thus a catastrophe for domestic animals.... *weeping*

Good it seems to be less dramatic and more sensible in your area - you were apparently allowed to take the animals with you.

Dont forget to send a big cheers and thank you to the authorities in charge!
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