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Meow mix cup(market selects)

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Are these ok for wet food? i have been trying them out with my group so far the response has been good and their readily available..

I've been using only the chicken & liver one, are the rest of the flavors ok for male cats? i get hesitant with fish...

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It's not the best food-in fact, it contains sugar, which is terrible for cats. One or two flavors aren't so bad though, so check out the ingredients next time you visit the grocery store.
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Thats our stand by food if they decide they suddenly don't like what I am feeding (and it has happened several times). While it may not be the best if its what they will eat (and nothing else) go for it.
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Well considering that the Meow Mix dry is probably the WORSE cat food you can feed, I honestly can't see why their "wet" food is any better. I'm sure you can find something a lot better to feed.
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The ingredients in dry are not exactly the same as in the wet - obviously, there is water in the wet, and water is one of the most important reasons cats should eat wet. ONE of, not necessarily THE.

My Ginger will only ever eat Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp for wet, and since that's what she wants, and that's what she eats, that's what she gets. She's a healthy little 4 year old and she gets a good quality dry, so I see no reason to feel guilty about it.
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Just keep in mind there are cheap/poor ingredients in the cheaper canned foods. Just that I would not feed my cats any of Meow Mix products.
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It's the only wet my Bickford will eat, and one of the few supermarket available foods that my girls don't throw up. My crew loves chicken & liver, and the ocean whitefish. They hate the beef and the salmon & crabmeat. I did have 3 of them on Wellness but when the time came to get Bick on wet food (he was over 25 lbs) he wouldn't touch it and I wasn't going to feed different foods to all 4 cats if I didn't need to.
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Thanks for the responses.

The cats will not eat better quality wet so upgrading is not an option, i also use friskies, fancy feast etc ... i feed good drys here so i think it all balances out.

I was just curious on the product in general since all of them eat it not an easy task when feeding multiple pets.
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Phoebe loves MeowMix, so it is part of her diet. She will only eat wet with gravy, so MeowMix Market Selects, Wholesome Goodness(also by MeowMix), and Nutro Pouches are a constant. She likes Wellness pouches too, but at a dollar a piece it gets quite expensive.
I compensate by giving the TOTW and Wellness Core for dry.
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Its not great, but there are worse foods at the grocery store. IMO they are a step up from Fancy Feast, Friskies, etc. My boys get this once a week or so in rotation.
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