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HYPERACTIVE kitten!!!!

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As previously posted, I have a kitten named Rowdy. To say he is hyperactive is putting it mildly. He goes constantly. You can't pet him, pick him up, or do anything with him unless you wrap him in a blanket first. Then he goes to sleep instantly!
A bit of background. I removed him from his mother when he was five weeks old due to the circumstances he was living in. His social skills with other cats leave a grat deal to be desired. Our adult Birman- a VERY patient cat-finally reached her limit the other day and will have nothing to do with him. He is about nine weeks old. I know all about kittenish exuberance but is this normal? I haven't started his vaccinations yet but he has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and his blood work tested negative. I have not specifically inquired about hyperthyroidism. I will check his kitten food for soybean additives. Any advice is appreciated.
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He is being a kitten and by all rights should be with siblings or his mom- but you say you removed him for good reason. I would consider getting another small kitten for him to grow up with if at all posssible.

Young kittens are very energetic and get into everything, but when they have another around the same age, they play off of each other and bond together and sleep together.
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I agree, they will tire one another out and let you and your other cat chill out for a change!

Plus, more the more the merrier!
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I don't think I could handle Isis without Niko and Mischief, both. When they were kittens they had each other and me and my roommate and Niko is and has always been a laid back cat. Even when Niko was a kitten, she was abnormal because she just rather play at her own pace and watch the world. She's still like that now (big beautiful Niko.)

But Isis is the Oreo Chaos Kitten, who is in everything. If it moves, squeaks, shines, if it is big enough to drag across the floor, small enough to pounce, tall enough to climb, if it can be eaten or moved Isis is there and usually one step behind us and one step ahead of Mischief and Niko. God bless her, I think I would have never gotten any of my portfolio stuff done without the other two cats to play with her and wear her out. Kittens are like that. They loooove to play, and life's a toy.
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It sounds pretty normal to me. I do agree with hissy with him needing to be with his mother and siblings but since that can't be so, (You're a kitty angel for stepping in like that. ) another kitten may be in order so that they can play with one another and tire each other out.

I got Russell when he was too young to be removed from his mother even though I was assured that he was 12 weeks old. The vet said otherwise. Anyhow, he was into EVERYTHING! Every hidey hole that wasn't known to us humans before, he found. Anything that was even slightly interesting, whether it rattled, didn't rattle, was shiny, not shiny, smelled, looked like pouncing material, scratching material, he was there. And if he wasn't investigating something, he was dashing around warp speed. Thank god I lived with people who knew abut cats and told me that it was normal kitten behaviour.

My second kitten I got with some trepidation thinking it would be the same again. But after introductions and settling in, she played with Russell who discovered his inner kitten and they both tired one another out and became less work than what Russell was.
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Thanks for everyone's input so far. I'm going to try structured play periods with Rowdy as an initial step. The idea of getting a second kitten is not an option at the present time.
My main concern is his acceptance by LouLou Muffin (our Birman), do you think she will grow more accepting as he gets older? She is spayed by the way. Do you think neutering Rowdy will have any effect on the situation? I plan to do this as all of my cats are indoor cats ONLY!!
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Give LouLou Muffin some time. As you've said, she seems to have given up for the moment.

Neutering Rowdy will reduce the possibility of aggression in him towards you and LouLou in the future. Vets will do neutering at roughly 16 weeks onwards. Though some vets prefer to neuter when the kitten is older.

And as for energy levels? Well, Russell didn't notice. He came home and ran to the top of the flight of stairs at my horror. He was supposed to be resting. Though he was quieter in his week of recuperation, then it was back to business as usual.

The play times should be of help, and if you need sleep, try about an hour to 30 mins before beddy byes so Rowdy is well and truly worn out by the time you want to sleep.
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Just wanted to bring things current. Rowdy was recently adopted by my wife's youngest son and his family. He lives nearby so we can still look in on him from time to time and he is happy in his new home. All is well that ends well!
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