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Umbilical Hernia & Spays in Dogs

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I don't need a lesson on why dogs should be spayed, I've never had a dog before that was not spayed, please read my entire post.

Our 3 year old collie cross hasn't been spayed yet because of her umbilical hernia. Now I have talked to a vet before about the hernia, it will be removed when we get her spayed but does not interfere with her life or health.

I have talked to 3 separate vets about having her spayed and everyone tells me "I will get back to you" or the vet techs say "I will ask the vet" and they never give me an answer. Now I understand that there are greater risks associated with a hernia removal/spay because of bleeding, but why can't people just say they won't do it?

How do I find a veterinary surgeon who can do the operation?
Has anyone done this operation, how much did you pay?

We're expecting something between $300-400, but I have NO idea.

Not having her spayed is not causing an issue for us right now. We are isolated on a rural farm & I know all the dogs in the area. Their is 1 unneutered show long-hair collie across the road (he is so gorgeous!) whose owners would like to breed to our dog but are very responsible with their boy. Neither of our dogs have bred & neither go out unsupervised so it's not been an issue. Their is also a corgie breeding facility one house down but they are FAR back from the road & I don't believe their dogs ever go out of the runs (I have never seen them). Every other dog in the immediate area is a spayed female.

Either way our dogs NEVER have access to unknown dogs (they don't go off property). They are NEVER outside unsupervised. Kayla spends most of her heat-cycle in the house anyway because she tends to get very early spring/late fall heats so it's too cold to be out.

Other then having to deal with her heat cycles we may opt to just keep her unspayed unless we can find a good vet. I use regular diapers because I'm a cheapo, so we end up with one with a tail-hole on top & another one underneath & taped together - poor girl looks hilarious! So aside for the various health issues caused by not being spayed (I know all about the cancer risks) and the inconvenience of diapering I would far rather have to deal with those issues then risk loosing her because an unqualified vet did her spay.

Thanks for any information guys.
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As for finding a vet - I think it's odd that they keep giving you the run around on whether or not they'll do it. All the vets in my area, including Dr. Stupid, will take care of an umbilical hernia at the same time as a spay no problem.

I'd call around again - stay on the phone & tell them you want to know *now* - that you are pissed they keep giving you the run around on whether or not they'll do it.
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I also find it odd that no one will do it. My parents' dog had an umbilical hernia when she was a puppy and got it fixed when she was spayed as a puppy. No problems at all, and I know it cost under $100 extra (on top of the spay cost) to get it fixed. Maybe it's different with adult dogs???

Perhaps go in and ask to speak directly to the vet. Maybe the message isn't getting through.
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Wow, obviously I'm not being forceful enough - I did talk to all three of those vets in person!!! .

Thanks for the info ZM, that's good to know it was only $100 extra, phew! I thought it was going to be super expensive

I'm going to get my butt in gear and talk to our vet again! We'll probably worry about the new kittens shots/spay first then do Kayla in the next couple months.

Thanks guys!!
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I'm in a rural area - it costs $20 extra to fix the hernia. And I still can't believe they're giving you the run around at vets! I'd think they would want your business, and according to my vet it's a very simply thing to fix at the same time as spaying.
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I don't know why we've had such a problem either! Maybe because 2 weren't our normal vet & the vet I talked to at our regular clinic had her head in the clouds (mat leave! ). Plus she's my horse vet, she doesn't normally do small animals.
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