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21 Day Detox/Body Cleanse Diet.

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So today I start my annual 21 Day Detox/Body Cleanse Diet.

I have been doing this once a year for several years now and I have found it a great way to boost my energy and just improve my over-all perspective.

The thing that I am really excited about this year is in the last couple of months I have been doing a lot of research on managing arthritis by diet and have found some very interesting information. There are a number of foods like walnuts, cherries, pineapple and beets that actually contain anti-inflammation enzymes that help combat the disease, as well as a number that will actually aggravate it a couple I hate to admit are my favorites.

So for the next 7 days it will be raw fruit, vegetables, soy protein and lots of water.
After the first 7 day I will add gradually dairy, nuts, and grains. Then in the final 7 days I will add fish and finally towards by the end animal protein. One of these years I do plan on going vegetarian permanently but haven't quite gotten there yet.

I am really interested to see if adding the foods that I have research does help with my joint problems...
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You should go to a website called "The Curezone"
Its an altrernative medicine site with about a bazillion forums on a bazillion different subjects. Some are a bit, uh, out there, but there are many good ones. There are many forums dedicated to cleansing, fasting, raw food diets, etc. A very good site.
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This is interesting!!! I need a detox body cleanse diet.
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If you ever want ideas or help with anything when/if you decide to go veg, feel free to PM me.
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