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My little bathroom buddy

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I've noticed for the past few days that Sam follows me into the bathroom and uses his litter box at the same time as I use the toilet. It's so funny, because he sticks his head out of the opening in the covered box, and watches what I am doing. It cracks me up, but I can't laugh, because he is a dignified, sensitive boy.
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you must get a picture of that!
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That is soo cool, it's like he knows it's "bathroom" time
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Spike has his head sticking out of the litterbox when he uses it too a lot of the time. Sometimes, he'll actually have THREE paws up on the rim - he's practically out of the box. But fortunately, his business goes INTO the box. I must try to dig up a picture.
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He sounds so cute! Rocky and Flufy always follow me in there too except their litter box isn't in there..they just like to "watch"
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Buddy has become quite the voyeur. He joins Rowdy, watching me in the tub. He also likes to hang out, on the headboard of the bed and watch other activities. As long as he doesn't try to join in in, we don't mind.
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Jorin likes to follow me in, and he loves it when I turn the faucet in the sink on for him. He can amuse himself with that for a good 30 minutes sometimes
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