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Daily Thread Thurs July 30th!

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Wooooweeeee!!! Almost Friday!! And its actually going to be sunny today!

Josh and I are meeting at our new place after work..going to bring a few items over day by day. We don't have to be out of here until Sept. It cost us an extra month of rent, but we like the relaxed approach to moving

We are ordering a new bed tomorrow too, omg I can't wait! No more used beds for us! Our first new one!!

Not much else going on...still uber busy at work..

Have a good one folks!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

We are ordering a new bed tomorrow too, omg I can't wait! No more used beds for us! Our first new one!!
How exciting I remember that excitement....couple months ago I got my first new bed....prior to that was hubby's bed (when he and I moved in together), and before that I've always had used beds. I definately remember the excitement

NO RAIN today finally a nice summer day....high of 26-27.... and it is supposed to be like this up till Sunday

I have some beans to pick tomorrow, some peas too It should be a good weekend.
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Well we have some light rain right now!! YAY......

Anyhow got 5 more quarts of cherries in the freezer and blanched a couple heads of broccoli too. Picked yet more cherries-they end will be tomorrow I think.

Heading to work and then to pick up a book I had orndered.

Yesterday was a good "free" day. My cell phone provider had customer appreciation.
Free lunch then you could roll the dice and I got 180 minutes/180 texts free for three months!!

Then off to wholesale greenhouse for a tour and yes 24 free plants!! I took 18 daylilies and 6 hostas. (those were the choices). I will give about half the daylilies away to clients/family members.

Chicken and garden veg for dinner tonite.

Off to the shower....
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Nice sunny one here too! I was enjoying watching Pushy and Wiggies lying in the sun grooming each other, but as usual, it ended when they started fighting.
Fairly busy day at work.
Have a good day everyone!
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I slept in today. Mom is off and going away for a few days. I feel more disoriented now than if I got up 4 hours ago. My typing is horrible and taking forever. LMAO

Um I think it's low 80's today. It looks beautiful out. Mom is heading for the mountains for the weekend. DH is calling out tomorrow We have to finish my two painting projects and pick up our new glasses.
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Nothing special going on - just counting the hours to vacation - 1 1/2 days.

Hubby called from his work to say he loved the cherry pie we baked last night. We made 2, he took one to work and we gave one to our new neighbours (they helped him put up the netting over the tree to keep the birds away). He said one of the ladies at his work says it's the best pie she's ever had and wants my pie crust recipe so that was a nice compliment.

I say "we" because he put the sugar and corn starch in the cherries and mixed it up, and he rolled out the first piece of pastry (bit of a mess, but I got it straightened out. He's so funny sometimes, I told him how much sugar and corn starch and he argues that it is not the right amount. Duh! How many pies has he made as compared to me and the funniest thing is he always says my pies are the best he's ever eaten. Wonder how they got that way if I didn't know how much of what to put in? As another poster has said, Aaah, men!
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Morning All!!!

Finally a sunny day here as well..

I am going to spend sometime working on my flower boxes today, a bit of pruning and clearing out the flowers that are finished. Afterwards I may just sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

Starting a 21 day detox diet today, I try and do one at least once a year just to jump start the old system again and clean out the cobwebs.

The kitties are good today, sitting in the window also enjoying the sunshine. There is a nice breeze coming in and Pixie is quite enjoying having her fur ruffled. They all had extra treats this morning for being very good when they got their claws trimmed. Such good kitties.

Everyone have a great day
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