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Teh Kitteh Wall

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I wanted to register the kitties playing in their kitty wall - They love it... It's so much fun to watch them! They all have different favorite activities on the wall: Lucky's is to chase invisible friends on the top shelf - of course this is a very serious undertake, after all, who knows how mischievous these invisible creatures are, right? You can see one of her sessions in the movie above.
Bugsy's favorite activity in it??? Take a WILD guess........................................................ Duh! Napping of course!
Hope's favorite activity is to bug Bugsy and Lucky, whoever moves on a 6 ft radius from her, lol.
They are definitely a hand full! A very entertaining one, but full nonetheless!
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That is soooo cool! As I watch your video I find myself looking around the room wondering which wall could be a kitty wall?? Neat idea!
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That is simply amazing! My boys would be in heaven if they had a wall like that!
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That's brilliant!. My 3 would love that
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That IS brilliant!!! I love it! Looks like an easy DIY project too, and could be done not too expensive!
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Thanks guys!!
Yep, it was definitely a fun DIY project, and definitely not expensive at all!
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That's a real hit with them, isn't it? Very nice!
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