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Dog Attack!

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About two weeks ago, a dog attacked my cat, Rat. She was missing a lot of fur and had two teeth marks in her side. We could not take her to the vet because he was on vacation for a week. One of the tooth marks kept getting bigger and bigger. It was a growing hole in her side. It really looked terrible. We did not know what to do. It was obviously hurting her. I looked around for something we could put on her to help and found some Gold Bond medicated first aid spray. We started spraying the area with it four times a day. It was the only thing we found that she would not wash off. In three or four days, the wound started healing and getting smaller and she was feeling much better. It is now already almost completely healed up. I think that spray saved her life. There is no way she could have gone on with a giant hole in her side. I recommend to anyone that owns a cat who has some sort of accident or experience like this to try using medicated first aid spray. It worked miracles on my cat.
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Although I am glad the powder worked for you, there would be no way this powder could fight the infection inside of your cat. Your cat needed to go to a vet, get the wound de-breeded and put on antibiotics to fight the nasty bacteria inside. She would of been on at least 2 weeks of medication for this, and I would play it safe and take her in to your vet to be sure she has suffered no residual effects of such an attack.

I am sorry your cat got hurt.
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We used the spray because our vet left town for a week and we had no other option. The hole is almost completely gone and she seems to be doing fine. She is back to her old self again. She was attacked on Memorial Day weekend last month, which was about three weeks ago I think. Her fur is already growing back. Do you think she still needs to be checked anyway? All signs of the infection seem to be gone.
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I would take her to the vet! You cant always "see" infection.
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I also really vote for a vet check. If the hole got larger and larger it was a pretty strong bacteria there. If it was doing that to your kitty's skin think about what it could be doing internally. Plus any viruses that the dog may have transmitted as well. It would be worth a vet check. Poor kitty!
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My cat had no visable bit wounds or anything when she was attacked by a dog, but her liver was damaged and she had severe bruising. we took her to the vet because she was severely lethargic and she was hardly breathing. she would have died if we didnt take her to the vet. I suggest you get your kitty checked out, there might be some "inside" damage. IE: Lungs, Liver, Kidney, ETC
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I would still take her to the vet to get everything possible ruled out, especially internal injuries. Cats are notorious for hiding injuries and pain unless it is very severe.

Bacterial infections do not just occur in the area of the wound. They can become internal infections where you may not neccesarily see any swelling or redness.

Please, take her to the vet.
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I agree with everyone else. Take her to the vet to be check out. I didn't notice any signs of ear infection in my Oscar until he was sitting in my lap and shook his head where gunk slung all over me.
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Years ago one of my cats was attacked by a coyote and was left with two puncture wounds as a result. My wonderful vet made sure that the wounds DID NOT close up. He said that we needed to keep them open and debreeded so that they could heal from the inside out. When I said that that seemed odd to me, he told me that when the wound closes without the debreeding, that what happens is that the skin closes over bacteria and dead tissue and becomes infected. So, even though it looks healed, the cat will become ill. He also said that these infections can quickly kill a cat by causing kidney and liver failure.

Please, please, please take your cat to the vet. Chances are good that your cat will become very ill and may die if not taken in!!!
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I agree, please take your kitty to the Vet.
I am not a Vet but have worked as a Vets helper for two years at a large dog training facility. Many times I helped in the treatment of this kind of wound, in dogs and in some cats that were boarded there.
Please have kitty checked.
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